Secret life


6. jealousy plans

Daffney prospective

me and marcel were watching pitch perfect when I started to think that I had feelings for marcel he was a total cutie and zayn made it pretty obvious that he doesn't like me because first he ask my best friend to dinner and then drops water on me it obvious I felt a warm hand come around my waist pulling me closer to marcel I giggled a little getting lost in his emerald eyes. marcel and I were cuddling then marcel asked me if I was ticklish I said no because I always tried to hid them so marcel started to tickle me I tried to hid it as long as possible then I gave in and started to have a laughing attack. I knew u were ticklish marcel told me I was laying on the couch and marcel was on top of me I was just laughning non-stop then marcel stopped then he looked me in the eyes and once again I got lost in his eyes. we both started to lead in but right when he was going to kiss me there was a knock at the door I got up and open the door to see Cynthia standing there with zayn. as they came in marcel ran to the bathroom because he didn't have his shirt on

Cynthia prospective

when we got to daffneys house marcel ran to the bathroom then I asked Daffney if zayn can join the sleep over she nods me and zayn had made a plan so that they will get jealous

~flash back ~     c = Cynthia  z = zayn

c ok zayn I have a idea so that they will get jealous

z ok what is it

c the plan is when we go to the sleep over we ask if u could stay and act like a couple and make then jealous

z ok lets do it

~ End of flash back ~


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