Secret life


20. ive been living a lie

Harry prospective

Ok so after daffney left i didnt panick and i told zayn he should look for daffney because who nows what she would do as zayn was going to tell perrie to get in the car she said she would rather stay thats she tired zayn nodded and as soon as zayn left me and perrie continiude with our make out but soon we were both naked and i was trusting in and out of her

Marcels prospective

As i was walking to see daffney because last time at school she bullyed me so im scared it is all a trick


Daffney prospective

As soon as i got back to school me and harry made a plan to make marcel cry also cythia so when we were at our lockers i started to kiss marcel for a long time of course he kissed back and thats when cynthia can and as soon as she saw us she left cry thats when i stop kissing marcel and said look u little freak ur girlfreind left cry wanna go after here or keep kissing me jk i hate you the i grabed him my his shirt and pushed him agianst the lockers

~end of flashbacks~

Marcels prospective

I saw daffney sitting in starbucks So i sat infront of her kinda keeping distance your not going to hurt me are you she laugh no im not and im sorry about that

Its ok but what do you want to know

Ok first what happen between u and me because i have pics of you shirtless on my phone and when i kisses u it felt right second just tell me everything

Ok well you were my best freinds and you always protected me from my brother harry and one day he wet us both and well i left to the bathroom because i have tattos but the u saw them we became close i was just about to ask u out when the whole ur cuts getting huge happen

Daffneys prospective

Ok so we kinda dated thats why when i kissed u flashback came ok i think i got it but do u wanna just hang out today i dont want to to go back to harry he has lie to me alot

Umm sure lets go roller blading at the park

Lets do this

Zayns prospective

Were the hell is daffney i called her like almost 100 times and she doesnt answer after a while of texting and calling her i decided to stop at starbucks for a coffee and just walk around the park so i can think

Daffneys prospective

I was having so much fun with marcel but i just wish i could know everything i was so deep in thought that i didnt see marcel right infront im so sorry daffney this is my fault im so stupid i should pay attention are you ok i just laugh its fine marcel im ok i was laying right on top of marcel when i looked into his amazing eyes

Marcel can i ask u a question

Mmm sure

Can i kiss you?


As soon as out lips touched i felt butterflys in my tummy and in pretty sure marcel did too

Zayns prospective

After walking for a while a see a cute couple kissing on the grass but i soon relized that that wasnt just a couple that was daffney and marcel i got up and almost pull daffney of marcel WHAT THE HELL oh hi zayn daffney said i pulled her arm but she pulled back no zayn i wanna stay with marcel she said kinda mad daffney just please come back home with me and we can see a movie just me and u ok please she then agreed but before she left she told gave marcel one more kiss which broke me a little then she told him to text her so they can make plans tomorrow then we left so are you and marcel dating? No just that when i kiss him i get flashback of my life and i really wanna know what happen oh then we got to the house i open the door to see harry having sex with perrie WHAT THE FUCK i pulled perrie off harry perrie go get changed were leaving NOW!!!!!! Zayn how did u not see it before i have always been cheating on u with harry so if u excuse us were going to habe sex upstairs she said as she walked up stairs then She stop and said also im dumping u for harry i just colasped on the floor crying my eyes out when i felt a arm on my shoulder i just push it off and ran upstairs i thought maybe if i cut deep infor i could just forget everything and not be sad so i grabed a blade and cut my wrist i pushed in a little then the blood started to come out i was so happy but then daffney burst trough the door and saw me bleeding she got in front of me and took the blade out of my hand and threw it out the window NO daffney i just wanna forget today first u break my heart my kissing marcel and then perrie is having fucking sex with harry i just want to forget EVERYTHING!!!

Daffneys prospective

After zayn ran upstairs my head started to hurt and everything came coming back to me then i relized that zayn cuts too so i ran upstairs i relized i was too late he had already cut once deep but not that bad as soon as i got to zayn the threw the blade outside and i hugged zayn we stayed hugging for a long time but then i remember the cut and go to the bathroom to grab paper i noticed i was all covered in blood but i didnt care i came back i cleaned the blood of i finally got the blood to stop and just as i was going to leave zayn ask if i could stay with him tonight i nodded and gor under the covers with zayn then he put on finding nemo i then felt zayns strong arms wrap around my waist i turned around so my head was on his chest and i fell asleep but before i really feel asleep i felt zayn kiss my cheek man his lips were so soft i just wanted to kiss them

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