Secret life


27. FRIDAY!!!

Daffneys prospective

Yestarday was amazing zayn asked me to márry him and i forgave marcel and today im going to hang out with marcel i cant wait to tell him that im getting married

Zayns prospective

I hope perrie doesnt do anything stupid i love Daffney and i dont want any body to mess up what we have

Marcels prospective

I decided that since im seeing Daffney later on i will show her My bad boys side

~later that day~

I was waiting for Daffney at Starbucks, then i saw her walking to My table man she looked amazing just everything about her was perfect. I started to feel bad about what i was going to do to her but then i heard My brian tell me marcel if you really want to have Daffney for yourself just do it

Daffneys prospective

I saw Marcel and he looked really diffrent as soon as he saw me his face light up. I sat down and gave marcel a smile which he returned right away

Then he started to say how sorry he was for what he did

M=marcel D = Daffney

M: Daffney im so sorry for everything i did to u

D: marcel i didnt come so you can say sorry i came so we can have fun

M: oh yea sorry, anyway what u think of My new look

D: i think you look very cute marcel haha

M: haha thanks

Zayns prospective

Perrie finally got to My house i let her in i just wanted to get this over with

Z= zayn P= perrie

P: zayn im so sorry i ever cheated on you i feel so stupid for doing it

Z : perrie i dont really care im happy with Daffney

P: so your telling me that if i kiss you right here on you neck u dont feel anything

That felt amazing i said in My head no stop zayn u have Daffney u only love Daffney

Z: n-no i dont feel anything

P: what if i sit on your lap like this and kiss u neck

Z: gosh perrie why are you doing this your driving me crazy

She continúe to kiss My neck and that was when when i just kissed her right on the lips ik that i was going to get married but she just soo hot and Daffney will never find out

Daffney prospective

I was having so much fun with marcel

Im so glad you forgave me Daffney

Yea me too but i go great news

Tell me

Zayn asked me to marrie him last night i said show omg marcels My ring

Omg Daffney im soo happy for you lets go home so i can congragulate both of you he said with a smile

Okay lets go him right now i said

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