Secret life


12. freinds agian

Daffney prospective

after beating up harry which I was really proud off I might not be friends with marcel but I cant just let them beat him up like that I go see if marcel is still knocked out when I get to him I tell zayn to call the nurse for harry zayn nodded and left I kinda shock marcel and his eyes started to open, then when he was fully awake I ask if he was ok he nodded and ask how I made harry stop I got up pointed to harry with a smirk on my face. marcel was shocked I helped him get up before I can walk away marcel grabed my  wrist it stinged but I acted like noting had happen he pulled me close to hid I was facing him I was scared because I was in so much pain in my stomach and I didn't was marcel to see blood from my wrist because I was wearing a tight white long sleeve shirt . I had no idea why my stomach was in so much pain if harry didn't really ever kick that hard then I heared marcel gasp and look at my stomach I looked at my stomach and white shirt was now stained red then I remembered the cuts I had made on my ribs I quickly run in to the girls bathroom and start to clean all the blood when marcel runs in to the girls bathroom I put my shirt down and try to run but he got my waist I flinch he ask if im ok and why I was bleeded I didn't answer because we weren't friends marcel started to cry and pulled me in to a hug but I push him off not because I didn't want a hug it because the blood didn't not stop and I was in so much pain he looked like he was going to cry again he look hurt then  he said look I do wanna be friend I just got so mad that you didn't keep my secret I was shocked marcel I did keep you secret what u did? then how did Cynthia know I had tattoos idk but I think im going to go home what why marcel asked well because I need to change shirts marcel ran out of the bathroom and then came back with his sweater and told me to take off my shirt I said not because then he will see all I did last night he keeped begging so I did  he looked shocked and broken when did u make those he asked, last night I said avoiding eyes contact. he lifted my chin and made me look at him are those cuts because of me no I shake my head and grabbed the sweater from his hands he looked to broken I went to the sink to clean the new blood then I zipped up the sweater  and walked to marcel whos looks like he is about to cry so I hugged him and I hugged him tight then I said lets be friends again his face lit up then he said friends for now I couldn't help but smile then he looked at me and said there was something on my lips I thought I was a cut as I was getting up marcel turned me around and crashed his lips on to my lips I smiled trough the kiss then marcel  grabbed my hand as we walked to class

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