Secret life


10. Everything will be ok maybe

Cynthia prospective

everything was working Daffney ran upstairs and zayn ran after her they have been there a while now me and marcel were on the couch I knew marcel was thinking about Daffney to I kissed him at first he didn't kiss back because it was like a surprise but the he started to kiss back I smiled to myself, later on Daffney walk downstairs there eyes were puffy and they were holding hands they sat down and zayn put his hand around Daffney waist because she looked really really sad I sarted to feel bad because I hurt my best friend because I was jealous then I got a text from zayn

To: Cynthia

im out of you plan you have really hurt Daffney so count me out

I just ignored the text because I already felt horrible and he was just making it worse I got closer to marcel

Marcel prospective

after Daffney ran upstairs I started to regret what I had said to Daffney and when she came back down with zayn I was wishing it was me next to her I felt horrible for kissing  Cynthia yeah I like Cynthia but I was getting feelings for Daffney and when we kissed I felt butterflys in my tummy I know that sounds like a girly but it is true. When had school tomorrow so we decided to go to sleep Daffney seem happy know she grab Cynthia and they ran upstairs and changed into some pJs it looked like they were ok now I was happy to know that but I knew she would never forgive me

Daffneys prospective

I could not stay mad at my bff so I decided to act like noting happen then we all went to sleep

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