Secret life


15. Do you remember us?

Zayn prospective

I was glad that harry would help me take care off Daffney and to make sure that Cynthia or marcel ever comes close to her im mean ok I can forgive him for hurting her because he fixed it but kissing Cynthia while she is dying that I cant then the doctor snapped me out of my thoughts and told me Daffney was ok and I could go see her marcel tried to stand up but I pushed him back down and told him to stay away from her and harry told the same thing to Cynthia as he came into the room with me.

Daffney prospective

i woke up in a weird white room a lot of machines connected to me I had no idea were I was what had happen then I see 2 figures sitting in the chairs there face lit up when then saw me wake up I was scared because I had no idea who there were then the doctor came in and asked if I remember my  name I nodded then he pointed the 2 boys that were now standing next to me that were really good looking I said no they sigh and look sad then they introduce themselves to me the one with the dark black hair with honey eye color name was zayn and the one with curly hair and emerled eyes that you could get lost to name was harry. I felt like I have seen harrys eyes before but I had no idea were from then zayn ask the doctor when I could go home he said in I was ok with leaving with them then I could leave in a few hours because it was 8:34 then they all look at me I nodded I was not scared if they were to hurt me they would not have let me die zayn handed me a bag and it had some clean clothes I could wear I went to the back room and changed when I got out I felt like I needed to hang out a lot with harry because I remember him eyes from some where and I kinda saw zayn tense up I stop then ask zayn if we dated he nodded no sadliy, when I walk out of the room I saw 2 people in the waiting room as I walked out they ran up to me but zayn and harry blocked then and stepped in front of me I push trough them but zayn pulls me arm well Daffney this is Cynthia and this is marcel but you can stay away from then Daffney looked confused Cynthia and marcel looked shocked and why is the reason from that harry I saw looking at him well because of these 2 people right her you could have died and the wouldn't care because there to busy swallowing each others faces instead of helping you harry said I nodded and push both marcel and Cynthia with my shoulders they look sad I didn't really care

marcel and Cynthia prospective

Harry had told Daffney to stay away from use and because she had lost her memory she belived him now she hates us  marcels pros my heart shrank when she pushed me I guess I can add another person to my bulling list. Cynthia pros at first when Daffney came out I was so happy she didn't die but she was acting like didn't know who I was but then I knew what was happen she lost her memories so she doesn't remember me at first I was happy because she could forget I ever hurt her and start off new but then zayn comes and ruins it by saying to stay away from us  because of us she almost died I knew it was true so it hurt me a lot I was hoping that we couold be friends again but I doubt it  



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