Secret life


22. changing

Marcel prospective

I havent heared from daffney in a while so i thought i would pay her a vist so i got ready like marcel and left to her house when i got there louis tomlinsion open the door at first i was scared he was going to hit me but he just asked what i wanted so i ask if daffney was home but he said that she was asleep with zayn upstairs i felt so hurt and so stupid i just ran away crying when i got home cynthia noticed me crying and just hugged me i felt better but i just wanted to be alone so i went upstairs and just layed down and started to think a little and i thought that maybe daffney never will be intrested in me because im not a bad boy like zayn or harry so i decided that starting tomorrow for school i was going to be my bad boy that i really am

~next day~

Daffneys prospective

I was go happy to see marcel i really wanted to see him so i drive up to school and saw that marcels lockee was open so i waited until he closed it and when he did close his locker it looked like a harry i felt weird so i started to walk away and then marcel said were you going i frooze because the voice of marcel was coming out of harrys body i turned around and look at marcel confused then he said how you like me new look i still looked confused but still answer wow marcel you look great you finally showed your infer bad boy

Marcels prospective

My plan was working she was follwing soo daffney i was think would you like go on a date with me umm yea marcel

K pick you up at 6:00 i say before walking away

~rest of day~

I started to walk home from school as i was home i heard people laughing from the alley so i stopped to see my brother harry styles kissing louis tomlinsion i was shocked i mean i just founded out my bad boy brother is gay and also is louis gosh i can totally use that as black mail i looked at my clock and it was already 7:00 so i decided to just go home

Daffney prospective

I was waiting for marcel for a hour but he never came i wanted to cry and cut i just wanted to cause pain so i ran to the bathroom zayn had got rid of all my blade just not one i always had one in my phone case so i grabed the blade all slide it on my wrist but the i heared a knock on the door so i put the blade in my phone case and pulled my sleeve down and got out the bathroom to see that zayn just got home so i jumped in my cover to hid my wrist thats when zayn walked into the room and gave me a kiss on the cheek

Zayns prospective

When i got home daffney was in our room laying down when out of nowhere she says if i want to cuddle i laugh a little of how she act like a little kid but before i got in bed she ran to the bathroom and said that she was going to change while she was changing i started to take my shose off and i saw a poem daffney had been writting i was shocked on what it said

Hush little baby your almost dead

You dont have a pulse

And you pillow is red

Your family hates you

Your freinds lets you bleed

Sleep tight with a knife

Because that all you need

Right when i finished reading that i need she was cutting agian i just wanted to hold her tight i needed more evidenced to provie it so i got in bed and started to think what she meant when she said sleep with a knife so i started to wonder if she has a blade with her so i was going to investgate so right when she came out of the bathroom she came out in footie pjs i laughed and she got bed and holded her tight not wanting to let go soon she was sound asleep so slowly i pulled up her sleeve revil the fresh new cuts i felt a burn in my throat i just wanted to cry i just keeped reapting daffneys poem in my head over and over agian thats when i started to look to see if she had a blade on her i felt so stupid how could i not relized this i grabed her phone and slowly took off her phone case to reveal the blade i got the blade and dragged it on my wrist i had forgot the feeling of relise all the pain gone after that i needed to know who did this to daffney

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