Secret life


23. black mailing

Zayn prospective

After a while in fell asleep i needed to know who hurt daffney so much when i woke up daffney had gone to school meaning i was late so i got ready as fast as i could and left to school

Marcels prospective

My black mailing was working

I was popular

~flash back~

I walk up to louis and harry in the morning and just smirk at them then harry says WTF you doing here oh harry harry you might wanna watch the way you talk to me

And why the fuck should i do that you nerd

Say one more bad word to me and i tell everyone that you two are gay

Were not gay and anyway they wouldnt belive you because you have not evidince

Oh little brother but i do thats when i showed them a pic on my phone where you can clearly see them kissing

What do you want marcel

1 one i want you to make me popular

They nod faster then scared mice i laugh at them i own them now

Harry prospective

I cant belive marcel is black mailing me like he use to be scared of me it just not possible after school i leave home stressed out to the max then there is a knock at my door and when i open it i see louis just the person i needed he comes inside closing the door behind him he new i was sressing out so he sat me down he noticed that i would not shut up i was really stressed so he crased his lips on mine our lips moved in sync gosh how i loved this kids soon after i was laying him down slowly on the couch not dissconnecting our kiss then i pull at the bottom of his shirt until i pull it off then he pulls mines off i put him under me and kiss him agian then louis drags his tounge on mu bottom lip asking for a me to open my mouth so i do our his tounge explores my mouth wow he knows how to make me feel better

I told louis to jump so he did and wraped his legs around waist i started to walk to my bed room i layed him down on the bed slowly pulling on his jeans when my phone started to vibrate it was perrie man she was annoying after we had sex she follows me around like a dog i answered my phone my i hung up right away and went back to louis right when i started to kiss him agian marcel burst through the door with a camera haha harry i got you agian you better be good

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