Secret life


11. back to normal kinda

Marcel prospective

I was so scary not having Daffney by my side will make harry come and attack me I entered school and ran to my locker I was hoping zayn didn't tell harry about my tattoos cus noting good can come from that

Zayn prospective

so because marcel hurt Daffney so much I needed my revenge so I simple told harry that he had kissed Cynthia and Cynthia was going to dump him for marcel harry ran faster then a bullet to marcel and started to punch him I paniced  because I thought he was just going to push his on the floor but I didn't care if he only saw what he did to Daffney I could kill him marcel better watch his back because today was going to be his worst day of his life

Harry prospective

that FUCKING PRICK THINK HE CAN STEAL MY GIRLFREIND WELL TO BAD !!!!!!!  I ran to marcel and started to punch him he was weak so he could not doing anything '' you fucking prick you cant steal Cynthia from me she my not yours your a freak that nobody likes''  w-what do u mean harry what I fucking mean is you fucking kissing Cynthia u prick then I punched he really hard I guess it was a little to hard because he was knocked out I got up and smirked at what I just did but as I got up I felt someone punch me I look up to she the bitch of Daffney protecting my brother like always I got up and pined he against the lockers and then in her ear I whisper look u little bitch stop acting all tough and protecting my brother cus we all know your a weak bitch before I could say anything else she kicked me in my balls I dropped to the floor in pain then she kicks my stomach before she could kick me again I grabed her hair making he falls and that's when I kicked her in her stomach see how she likes it before she started to kick me again zayn cam and stopped her. YOU CRAZY BITCH I yell to her then she kicks me again. 

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