Secret life


16. A New Life

Harry prospective

I still don't know how daffneys cuts got so big and I could not help but  wonder if they were my fault I was happy and sad that she lost her memories. things with me and Cynthia were done because I know im a monster but I hated her I know sound really mean but Cynthia was daffneys best friend and u cant do that to best friends.

~next week ~

Daffney prospective

a week has passed since I got out the hospital tomorrow I was going to start school again, I had become realty close with harry but I felt like he was hiding something from me because everytime I would get a text message from someone he always looked scared and always had to look at my phone before I could it was getting really annoying.

~day at school ~

I will update tomorrow im still really sick comment what u think or leave me ideas and I will put them into my book I love you all thanks for reading to my book I know it sucks to it means a lot to me that you guys still like my book I swear I was like fangirling when you guys started to comment on the book please comment more ideas or what you think because im starting to think you don't like my book anymore


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