wrong crowd

Megan Jordan jones used to be the good girl who has never done anything wrong in her life but then meets her new best friend Faye Emily Craig who lets say isn't the best influence and then Megan meets Faye's friends who are just like Faye and it doesn't help that her best friend has just two years before


2. that weekend back in 2012

"Girls are you ready yet?" Mum screamed at us "we have to pick up jess today remember?"

"Yep just finishing packing" me and Sarah said in unison and then laughed

I walked down stairs in a pink floral dress and pink lipgloss and dark navy blue donnay shoes and my silky light brown hair in a side braid like Katniss everdeen in the hunger games and hopped down the stairs my mum looked at me and handed me a denim jacket with pink lips on the back

"Ready" I smile

Sarah looked me up and down pointed for me to turn so I did, she took a bobby pin and clipped up a hair that had fallen out of my braid

"Done" she gave me a smile of approval

We both ran to the car and put our bags in the trunk

We got to jess house and she ran to the car threw her stuff in the back and said

"Hey mom, hey dad" yep she called them mom and dad all the time she didn't care

We were texting each other about Sarah and how she had no one to text about us so she tried texting mom but mom can't even figure out how to unlock the damn thing never mind text back so Sarah texted her boy friend Jason who she 'loved' that much she didn't even tell Mom and dad 'bout him.

Any way when we got there at around 7:30 ish


(AN I know they wouldn't be there in a day but hey)


When we got there we just chilled out side and listened to music with my cousin Lila

That was a fun weekend before all the drama happend

The next morning we all went to the beach and just chilled and laughed when this super steriotypical tall,thin American blonde girl with sun glasses walks up to us and asks us if we wanted to go to her party and we just looked at each other and looked at my cousin Lila and she nodded "yea u go... But I'ma stay here" she smiles "cover for me if mom and dad ask?" I ask and she nodded and we ran off "umm...? Why exactly would you ask...us?" I ask the pretty blonde oh I wish I was that pretty

"Well look at your selfs!" She looks us up and down

We burst out laughing at her comment and they are all blonde and thin and so...pretty! And in over here with brown eyes and brown hair, Jess was pretty though brown hair blue eyes and just ... So pretty

"Sorry what was your name again?" We ask

"Ashley Liana" she states "you?"

"I'm Megan and this is jess" I tell her

We walked in to this party and there was a lot of blonde girls wearing sunglasses, they must have thought we were older than we were

"Wanna drink?" Ashley asks

"Uuuu...yea sure?" We said expecting a soft drink

She ran to the kitchen and made us both a drink

"Here ya goooo" she shouts throwing her arms up in air drunk

We gulped it back

"Ahhhhhhhh another one" I shout

And then she gave us another...and another...and...another...few

Next thing I remember is

me dancing with some guy and jess over in the corner holding hands with another guy and him playing with her hair and then waking up in the girls house and then every one scattered all over the floor I wake up and poke jess, she wakes up to, we have really bad headaches and feel dizzy jess moves and the two guys wake up the one I was dancing with gives me hug and gave me his number and jess's guy gives her a hug and whispered his number in her ear we smiled and walked off we had to get out of there we had been there all night mom and dad must have known we were gone we were so scared, just as we were about to leave the house mum walks in to the house and drags us out

"where have you girls been?" she asks

"hanging with some friends" we said

"last time i checked friends don't hold hands and play with each others hair" she screams

"muuum, were back now! were okay" we said

"okay! do NOT do it again" she screamed 

of course we didnt do it again


Me and Jess wanted to go swimming but Lila didn't know how to swim and mum and dad where not fond of it so they decided to stay back

"bye mum" Jess smiled as we walked out the beach house

"see ya hun" mum said

we walked down the short road to the beach and ran to the sand asked if we could leave our stuff in the life guard tower and they agreed, so we ran down to the beach and into the water we were messing around for a while then decided to actually swim we were fine for a while but after a while we got tired so decided we should try to swim in, the water was just coming and pushing us back  i got quite far in but saw Jess was struggling so i swan back to help her but the water kept pushing us back. we were out there for half an hour. the life guards spotted us and ran to help us, he went to get me on his board but i pushed him back and insisted Jess went on first, he signaled for another one for me, he got Jess back on the sand then shortly after they got me on the sand too. Jess was coughing up water but i was fine, the life guards wee trying to see if i was okay but i was insisting that i was okay and just wanted to make sure Jess was okay, she was with the lifeguard so i ran to get my phone and phoned mum and dad

"get down to the beach!" i say down the phone slightly shocked

"not now Megan, were are busy!" she sighed

"NO! get down here NOW!" i said

"why what happened ?" my asked

"just get here! NOW! i screamed

in minuites they were there and i must have blacked out because next thing i remember we are in a hospital and dad is in my room and mum is in Jess's room

"is Jess okay?" i asked

"we don't know" dad told me

"okay" i said and went to sleep

i wake up to someone crying

"Jess" i scream  thinking something is happening to Jess

"she is okay, don't worry" i hear a nurse tell me

"okay but how is she ?" i say not really knowing what was happening

"she is okay..." she smiles

"can i go see her?" i asked the nurse

"yes, come on then" she smiles... her smile annoys me

i walk into Jess's room, we just sit there for 5 minuites, then she is coughing up water

"JESS! HELP! HELP!" i scream running toward her

the nurses and doctors ran in and a nurse took me out the room

10 minuites later

a doctor walks in to my room

"I'm sorry... she-" he started

"no! No! NO!" I screamed at him

"im sorry" he said

i screamed and fell on my bed crying, she was my best friend, almost sister, she was going to live with us, how could this be happening?, its all my fault, I thought to myself

they discharged me from the hospital and we went back to the beach house.

mum tried to act like nothing ever happened, but you could see in her eyes she wasn't happy,

dad sat in silence, but you could see he was shocked

Lila cared but didn't know her, you could see she was sad for me and pitiful

Shara gave me a hug, you could see she had been crying because her eyes were red, she loved Jess like a sister

and there was me, sad, confused, angry at the world and wanted to cry. 

I walked to my room and changed into some black leggins and a grey top both plain,t to show how I was feeling

"lets get food out tonight, Huh?" my mum said while lifting my head out

"kay." i told her

we went for noodles, my fave food, 

"eat up, hun." my mum said

"im not hungry!" i said so we went to the beach house

"pj's now girls" she said to me and shara

we went to the bed rooms i just fell on my bed and shara came and sat by me till the morning, I didn't sleep that night or any night for weeks after that


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