wrong crowd

Megan Jordan jones used to be the good girl who has never done anything wrong in her life but then meets her new best friend Faye Emily Craig who lets say isn't the best influence and then Megan meets Faye's friends who are just like Faye and it doesn't help that her best friend has just two years before


4. going back to school in 2012

so it had been 4 weeks since we got back and mum said it was time for me to go back to school but I still wasn't myself ...jess was like a sister to me


I walked into school and no one talked to me ,I don't even think any one knew who I was I had only been in school for two days before our holiday and haven't been back since...

I had a few people stare blankly at me ...but i walked into tutor and didnt talk to anyone...no one talked to me...

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