wrong crowd

Megan Jordan jones used to be the good girl who has never done anything wrong in her life but then meets her new best friend Faye Emily Craig who lets say isn't the best influence and then Megan meets Faye's friends who are just like Faye and it doesn't help that her best friend has just two years before


3. back to normal life back in 2012

we were going home so i needed to change so my mum didn't know i 'slept' in my clothes

so i threw on a pair of of jogging bottoms and a pink pineapple dance top and a comfy jumper i leave my hair un-brushed but put up in a messy bun -not trying to make it messy- and some slip on black shoes packed up all my things and my mum packed up Jess's stuff i guess and we went home, i just listened to music the whole way home. When we got home i just ran up the spiral stairs just locked my self in my room not eating for days. Then came...MONDAY! back to school, I really did not want to go

"beep beep beep"

my alarm went off and my mum came in

"do you want to go today?" my mum asks

"no" i give her sad eyes

"okay, but tomorrow?" she tells me

"maby" I groan


I just stayed in bed all day


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