Hot sexy pony love

Sarah the pony falls in love with a male pony named phil. When phil is cursed by an evil witch he is turned into a very sexy british human. How will sarah react?


1. frolicing through the forest

Sarah the pony was frollicing through the forrest when she stumbled upon a mysterious male pony. He's so handsom Sarah thought to herself as she gazed at his magnificent lusious black mane. She wandered over to say hello to the pony but he didnt seem interested and he galloped away before se could say a thing. A week later, sarah fell into a deep depressinoin. Then one day, she saw the mysterious pony next to a little cottage and a car. But no- he wasn't a pony- he was a dashing young man. Dashing isnt the right word though. Sexy seems more legit. Sarah hid behind a tree and watched the sexy man unpack his bags out of the car.

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