Ripped at the Seams

This is a story about four children. They have had a difficult life; their father died a few days before their mother ran away and since then they have been taken into care. After years apart they arrange to meet up. This is what and how it all happened. Hope it's good. Xx
PS. the sole purpose for this novella was for the Keren David 'Salvage' competition but it expanded as I enjoyed writing it!!


8. The Plan

After Hattie had received the letter she replied that it would be a wonderful thing to meet up with each other again.  Hattie provided Lissa with her address about mobile number so that Lissa could easily contact her.

William wrote a quick reply saying he would love too and gave the address of the children's home he was in but told Lissa that he did not have a mobile so could not provide a number that it was safe to call.

Lissa received the replies two days later. She showed them to Fern and they decided to make a plan.
Lissa opened a fresh pad of paper and arranged her felt tips in order of the colours of the rainbow. They were ready to decide what to do.
"Step number one is to decide on the location we will meet." Lissa advised Fern. "What do you think would be best?"
Fern chewed her pen in thought. There were so many places to choose from. Should it be near or far from home? How far were they willing to travel? Then Fern remembered that Hattie had mentioned that she attended a university in the East Midlands at a place called Warwick.
"I know. Let's meet in Warwick!" Fern told Lissa. "It's where Hattie was at uni and I researched it on the internet. It seems like a decent place."
Lissa thought it was a great idea too. On the paper she wrote

Location: Warwick

"Now, Step number two is when are we going to meet? I was thinking of next month." Lissa said.
"August would be wonderful. And there isn't much happening so we'll be free for most days."
"Let's hope Hattie and William are available too."
Now Lissa wrote

Date: August 2016

Fern opened her mouth to speak but Lissa cut in before her,
"We need to decide what we'll do when we meet. That will probably include transport methods, food, activities and sleeping arrangements."
"Lissa," Fern said quietly, "don't you think that we should consult Hattie and William about this too? We can ring Hattie to discuss it and William can have a say too, if we send him the details."
"You're right but I really want to get the planning started. I want this to be the perfect sibling reunion. Don't you?"
"I do but I also want it to feel natural." Fern admitted.
"Well let's make a list each regarding what we've discussed and then we can send them to William and get him to write his own. We can ring Hattie tonight and discuss it so we can gather her ideas. Is that ok?" Lissa asked.
"Of course. Brilliant!" replied Fern.

Both girls got down to writing a list. It took them an hour altogether to finish the lists. They were quite different when they compared them.
Lissa wanted to travel by train but Fern had put coach. She also wanted to sleep in a Holiday Inn whilst Lissa requested a four star hotel. Ferns ideal activities were visiting a museum together, sitting in a café chatting and going to see a movie. Lissa wanted to go shopping, have a posh meal and spend the evening in a spa. They decided to ring Hattie before they sent the lists and ideas to William. It would be good to have all three opinions on first; it would give him a better idea about what was going on.

Lissa picked up the phone and dialled. Her heart beat quickly and her breathing rate increased.
"Hello?" a strange voice answered the phone. "Are you ringing to speak to Hattie?"
"Yes." Lissa answered warily.
"Well this is her phone but she's in the garden at the moment. I'm Sara, her mum. Would you like to leave a message?"
"Yes. Tell Hattie that a friend rang and could she call back immediately. Thanks."
Lissa looked at Fern. They were going to have to wait a bit longer until they found out what Hattie thought. They sat by the phone for the next ten minutes waiting for it to ring. Eventually it did ring.
"Hi! This is Hattie speaking. Sorry about Sara. How can I help you?"
"Umm. Hi Hattie. It's Lissa and Fern here. We wanted to talk to you about the plan for our meeting up."
The next half hour was spent discussing the lists and ideas of what they could do. When a sensible list had been formed Lissa agreed to send it to Hattie and William. Then they hung up.


The final list that the twins composed looked very impressive. They thought that both William and Hattie would be proud of the efforts that they were going to.

Location: Warwick, meet in town centre outside the library

Date: 16th August 2016

Transport: Train to Warwick

People: Hattie, Lissa, Fern and William

Activities: Go shopping in the centre, visit a nearby museum, watch a movie

Lunch: Go to small café for sandwiches

Money: Lissa and Fern get money from guardians - cover as much of costs a possible

Other: Stay overnight in nearby bed and breakfast


This is our plan which has been discussed with Hattie for when we will meet up and reunite with each other. Please tell us what you think and that you will be there. We are looking forward to it so much.

Lots of love, Lissa and Fern xxx

The next morning they posted the letters to Hattie and William. It was time. The Princeton family were soon to be reunited for good. Or so Lissa and Fern hoped.





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