Ripped at the Seams

This is a story about four children. They have had a difficult life; their father died a few days before their mother ran away and since then they have been taken into care. After years apart they arrange to meet up. This is what and how it all happened. Hope it's good. Xx
PS. the sole purpose for this novella was for the Keren David 'Salvage' competition but it expanded as I enjoyed writing it!!


4. Hattie

Name: Harriet Nadia Princeton

Birthday: 28th June 1994

Age: 12

Foster parents: Sara and Jason Dawes

Area to live in: Lincoln

Date signed: 16th December 2006

Signature:   Sara Dawes   Jason Dawes

On that day my destiny changed. Ever since I was small I had longed to grow up with my siblings and now that could not be so. I was sent a letter from a couple named Sara and Jason who said they were going to be my guardians from now on. I must admit I was excited but it was heart wrenching to have to say goodbye to Lissa, Fern and William. Sara and Jason came to collect me on the train. That was an adventure in itself, having never travelled on a train before. At their house I was given my own room with a bed all to myself, a chair laden with brightly coloured cushions and a desk. Sara took me out shopping the following day to buy new clothes, toiletries and accessories. She was very generous. But I wasn't in the mood to shop and laugh over people on the make-up counter. I had just lost my entire family with no idea where any of them were.

* * *

Living with Sara and Jason was a lot of fun. Apart from attending the local school during term time, which was fun and somewhere I could play and talk with children my own age, we went on lots of trips out. My love of architecture was drawn on by Jason who loved history and was willing to accompany me to places such as Warwick Castle and museums about ancient architecture and what Roman or Greek architecture tells us about their lives and time period.

It is needless to say that throughout all my time with Sara and Jason I was often wondering what had happened to my siblings. Whenever I asked Sara or Jason about making contact, they advised me against it. They said it wasn't a good time or that I would be informed when I could meet them next. Nothing came. I waited anxiously every day since they became my guardians for the post to arrive. And every day I was disappointed.

I heard nothing for the next ten years until, on the morning of my twenty-second birthday, a letter appeared next to the dish I liked to eat my breakfast from. As I poured myself some Alpen I tore open the letter.

'Dear Hattie,' it said,

'It is never too late to meet up again. I know it was especially hard on you to be taken to Lincolnshire whilst Fern and I were taken to Liverpool but we both need to see you. It has been a very long ten years and I want to let you know that there is not a moment that we are not  thinking of you. Hattie, you were like a mother to us when Papa was away and Mama was having a turn. Dan and Sophia were amazing to us as well but nothing beats you. I am enclosing a photo of Fern and I with our 'new sister', Isabella. Please get in touch soon.

Love you sooooo much,

Lissa, always your loving sister Xx

The picture of them was lovely. I couldn't wait to see my siblings again. Lissa and Fern looked happy but I couldn't tell whether it was real happiness or just put on for the camera.

I wrote a letter to them that evening in reply to the message. I don't remember exactly what it said but I did comment on the letters in my diary. I wrote that 'It was a great surprise to me that I received a letter from Lissa today. She wants me, her, Fern and William to meet up which would be wonderful, a dream come true. I think it's what we need at the moment. I am twenty two after all and William is the youngest at eighteen. No one can stop us meeting each other anymore. I have replied to the letter. I told Lissa we should arrange something immediately. And I gave her my phone number. Hopefully I will be hearing from her soon and we can bring each other back into our lives. And we can catch up on the ten years we have missed.'


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