That's My Sister

Ashlie is Louis half sister and share the same dad. When Louis finds out he has this sister and that she wants to live with him he welcomes her with open arms. Louis becomes over protective when he finds out the boys have been flirting with her. What will happen? Will she do things behind Louis' back? Read on to find out.


7. Chapter 7- Meeting The Gang

I hear the door bell and run downstairs to the door but i am end up in Louis arms as he placed me over his shoulder. He opened the door and let the guys in.

"Hi LouLou." An Irish voice say.

"Hi guys." Lou says back placing me back on the ground. I ran behind Lou once he placed me down.

“Who is that little charm?” I hear the Irish voice again.

“Her name is Ashlie.” Lou replied.

“The Ashlie that you won’t shut up about?”

“Yes in a matter of fact yes she is and you guys please go to the lounge room me and Ashlie are going to the kitchen for a second ok.”

Lou grabbed my hand and took me into the kitchen.

“Ash they don’t know your my sister. I didn’t really know how to tell them.”

“So what have you told them?”

“Um I told them that you are my friend.”

“They think I’m your girlfriend? Really Lou.” I started to yell knowing they would be able to hear.

“Hey we will tell them about you being my sister I promise. Now let’s grab the drinks and go talk to the guys.”

“Fine Lou.”

We grabbed six cans of coke and left the kitchen. We placed them all on the table and took one each. Small talk was started. I knew all the boys by name after about 5 minutes. They started asking me questions.

"Ashlie, we all want to know how you met Louis?" Zayn said.

"Let me think. It was about when he was on X-Factor and my dad called him to say congrats and Lou rang back and I answered my dad's phone." I reply

"Okay, Have you guys met each others families yet?" Niall asked.

I looked at Louis asking for help. But he looked as helpless as I did.

"Actually, can you guys sit next to each other i want to see something." Liam said.

"Um sure." Lou replied.

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