That's My Sister

Ashlie is Louis half sister and share the same dad. When Louis finds out he has this sister and that she wants to live with him he welcomes her with open arms. Louis becomes over protective when he finds out the boys have been flirting with her. What will happen? Will she do things behind Louis' back? Read on to find out.


6. Chapter 6 - Ready?

Chapter 6


As we drove to dad’s I could help but think about where he was going to stay as step-mom turned the guess room in a at home gym.

“Where are you going to sleep?” I asked.

He looked at me puzzled.

“The guess room?” He said more as a question.

“Skank turned it into a at home gym.” I said.

He got a blank look.

“Umm.” He said turning left.

“Don’t worry; the floor in my room is all ours.” I smiled.

“Do they at less have a blow bed?” He said. We stopped at a red light.

“Nope.” I said popping the ‘P’. “But I do but it has flowers on it.”

“That will have to do.” He said.

We pulled up to dad’s house, the cars where there so they both were home.

“I’m home!” I called.

“No yelling, I’m on the phone!” Esther snapped at me from the room over.

Louis gives me a look as we head to my room.

“Here you can drop your stuff off in my room. Then well find dad and find out about dinner.” I said pushing my door open.

My room as a bit messy but nothing to bad; you still could walk, you weren’t tripping over anything but there was a small pile of clothes in the cover.

“So where’s all the One Direction stuff at, huh?” Lou smiled at me.

“Oh, I keep them in the secret room in the closet.” I said.

Louis just giggled and smiled. He put his bags down.

“Dad!” I called once we were in the hallway.

“I said no yelling!” Esther said storming in. She was glaring; ready to let me have it until she saw Louis next to me.

“Oh, hello. I didn’t know you were here yet.” She said all smiles.

“Your father is in his office.” She smiled at him.

Walking off I whispered “That’s nicest I’ve ever seen her.”

“Hello?” I said pushing open his office door.

“I’ll call you later my kids just got home.” Then he hanged up the phone and hugged us both. We talked and decided to have takeout tonight.

“Honey!” Esther said opening the door.

“Yes.” My father smiled at her. He must really love her so much not be able to see who she really is.

“My friends have two tickets for a show tonight that includes dinner and they wanted to know if we wanted to go we wouldn’t have to pay for anything.”

“I was going to have takeout with the kids…” He was cut off.

“Please!” she said batting her eyes.

“You don’t mind do you guys?”

“Na, its fine, you crazy kids go have fun!” Lou said.

“Yea.” I said.

After they left Louis pulled out his phone and started texting people.

“So, you ready to meet they guys?” Lou asked walking off to the kitchen.


(written by KayCee K)

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