That's My Sister

Ashlie is Louis half sister and share the same dad. When Louis finds out he has this sister and that she wants to live with him he welcomes her with open arms. Louis becomes over protective when he finds out the boys have been flirting with her. What will happen? Will she do things behind Louis' back? Read on to find out.


3. Chapter 3 - School

Last night i was on the phone to Lou for a few hours. We talked to about dad, friends, family and joannah. I still can't believe he offered to look after me for the summer. He is the most awesome brother i could ask for. Well anyway I better get ready for school. I got up and headed to my wardrobe. I picked my clothes for school which was a pale purple shirt with black jeans and blue converses. I was debating if i should wear my glasses or contacts. I choose contacts because i get enough bullying as it is without the glasses. Let me tell u something. People who i have told about Lou think i am lying and everyone makes me do their homework. I headed down the stairs to my dad and saw my step mum.

"Morning Ash." My dad said.

"Morning dad." I reply happily

"Hi Ashie." My step-mum said

"Whatever." I say back.

"Ashlie be nice to Esther-Hope." (dad)

"Why should I dad. I dont like her you know that." (me)

"Ashlie please be nice to Esther." (dad)

"No! I rather live with Joannah then here with this, with this skank." (me)

"I am not a skank." (Esther)

"Well you are because you slept with Andrew, Josh and Luke." (me)

"Ashlie out the house now." (dad)

"Give me money then." (me)

"Fine here." (dad)

I took the money out of my dad's hand and ran out the house. I sprinted to the shop to get breakfast but i was still crying. I ate and walked the rest of the way to school.

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