Kirsten was adopted at the age of five, brought up as an only child and In a posh community. Little did she know she wasn't an only child. There was someone else, a sibling, a sister who had grown up in the worse conditions, with barely food or clothes. Would these two meet? Or fall apart at the seems?


2. Chapter two

A week had passed since I had been told about my sister. I would probably have forgotten if it wasn't for Facebook. I enjoy sharing moments in my life with the world, also i enjoy life a bit more to see people living their dreams. One day I was sent a link to this Facebook page named Sister Search. It was interesting and it trigged thoughts of my 18th Birthday. I began to read the bio out load to my dog, Amira. "Hello! My name is Caroline Duster. My parents were killed in a fire lit by a man with a size nine shoe. I live in such a dump that is called an orphanage and the witches here hurt me. I would have killed myself if I hadn't recently found out about my sister, Kirsten Duster." I continued to stare at my iPad, with my mouth opened. I then plucked up the courage and left a comment on her wall. I typed Email me. As I sent the comment my head began to spin, i think I should rest. Maybe this a dream. I will probably wake up to find I was going crazy. I lay my head onto my pillow to find it was very comfortable. My eyelids became heavy and the world drifted from my reach...

As i awoke the next morning and picked up my iPad I noticed that my inbox was full of new emails. I opened up one, it was from Daisy, my best friend. She is always there for me so the kindest thing to do is to read her emails first.

Hey Kirsten.

I saw yesterday on Facebook the page called sister search. I am sure you have read it on the amount of emails you should be receiving. How come you never told me you had a lost sister! Or did you just not know?

Love Daisy.

I stared at the email lost for words to reply with and the first thing that pops in my head is go for lunch.

Hi Daisy.

I can explain everything later, just meet me at Charlies at 12

Love Kirsten

I sent the email moving onto the next. It was from, Caroline Duster. Maybe I shouldn't open this or just erase her from memorie. No thats the rudest thing on earth to do. I clicked on the email and began to read.

Hello Kirsten!

Thank God for Facebook. I am so happy I have found you. Can we meet up today at Charlie's at twelve? I don't mind if anyone else joins. Don't reply, I use the dumps computer.

Caroline xoxo

Well that works out. A day with my best friend and best sister, well my only sister to be exact. I can just imagine her. Blond hair, aqua eyes, a big smile and tanned skin. She seems perfect. Well in my head she does. But she's my sister. No harm can come out of that.

I picked myself off the bed to get dressed and walked slowly down the stairs until the smell of bacon wafted up my nose. I finished my breakfast and headed towards the door.

"Going to Charlie's I guess?" Mum asked. I turned and raised an eyebrow at her

"How do you know?" I asked. Mum smiled.

"Sweetie you Cc every email to me."

"Oh ya... Great." I mumbled under my breath. I turned and sped out the door. I fiddled in my pocket for my car keys but I couldn't find them. Wow this day just keeps on getting better. I began to walk to Charlie's and my head was full of thoughts. My train of thoughts was soon interrupted by a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Kevin smiling at me. Great.

"What do you want Kevin?" I snapped

"Can I join you?" He asked

"No! It's a girls day out with Daisy and Caroline!" I blurted out without thinking. A grin spread across his face.

"Just go away!" Before I could finish he sped around the corner. I stared at him, speechless

"Well thats suspicious." Came a voice from behind me. Oh snitches, what now? I turned to see a girl who looked a bit like me acctually. She had mint colour eyes. Her hair was dirty blond and cut short, i had strips of hot pink as well.

"He reminds me of his dad you know?" She carried on

"Who are you may I ask?" She smiled and pulled up her sleeve revealing a tattoo that spelt Caroline Duster. I stared at her tattoo for a while and the looked up to see her beamed at me.

"So your Caroline huh?" As she nodded her head I ran into her arms. I let go and examined her again. She looked about 20.

"Shall we go get a table at Charlie's then?" I breathed.

"Yeh that sounds nice." Caroline and I walked into Charlie's to find Daisy reading a menu. As we neared the table Daisy looked at us.

"Who is this Kirtsen?" Daisy said pointing to Caroline.

"Uh... Well....Um." I mumbled, "This is Caroline.

"Nice to meet you Caroline! I am Daisy, Kirsten's friend."

Caroline and I sat down. Hours passed of talking and laughing. When I realized what the time was.

"Gosh! Sorry guys I have to go, see you again some time?" They nodded and waved goodbye

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