Kirsten was adopted at the age of five, brought up as an only child and In a posh community. Little did she know she wasn't an only child. There was someone else, a sibling, a sister who had grown up in the worse conditions, with barely food or clothes. Would these two meet? Or fall apart at the seems?


6. Chapter six

I am scared. Scared at what the advancing black building might bring me. Torture? Starvation? Death even? As walking through the doors, a sick feeling came into my stomach. I saw a woman, walking towards me smiling,

"Good day miss Duster. Follow me down this hall please." I nodded and walking in the direction she was pointing. This hall was weird, it was dark, not even the window at the end of the passage shed any light, but before I could of anything else, we came to an erupt halt, and I felt like this ride has taken a one way ride to death.

"Ok, the rest is up to you Miss Duster, right through that hall." I began to walk but the was a hand on my shoulder. That hand belonged to the woman.

"Please be careful, hell happens through those doors." She pulled me into a hug and I heard muffled sobs. I really messed up this world haven't I? Walking through these doors the sick feeling increased. There inside was a man with a wig

"Hello Duster." Said the man spitting at me. I looked at him and spat at hime too. Fair and just? Ya right. He opened his mouth but I talked, it was my right.

"I only killed him, because he deserved it, and you cannot do anything to me, because you have no witnesses. The man smiled, an evil smile which sent shivers up my spine.

"That my dear, is where you have gone wrong." He points to the guards, "Bring me Angela Curtanina." No is the word I kept on repeating. My enemy? The daughter of the judge? I might as well slit my own throat.

"Hello Daddy!! Oh is this Kirsten! Well what have you been up to Duster." Angela said, like father like daughter.

"My day was perfect until you showed up and rained on my parade."

"Well, be like that, just that you know, I saw everything, and you are guilty, you were crying but you are guilty, and you need no story to prove that. This was no premeditated or accident murder. Sorry Duster, sorry if on your death bed it may still hurt." I know what that ment. I know I am going to die. And it is going to be painful, what joy......

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