Kirsten was adopted at the age of five, brought up as an only child and In a posh community. Little did she know she wasn't an only child. There was someone else, a sibling, a sister who had grown up in the worse conditions, with barely food or clothes. Would these two meet? Or fall apart at the seems?


7. Chapter seven

Opening my eyes, after a sharp pain in my head, i saw I was in a room that was very bright, and took a few blinks to get my eyes to adjust. When I got used to the brightness, I saw a face which was very familiar, and once I know who that faced belonged to I screamed,

"Kevin! Kevin get away from here! They will kill you!" How did he get here? Why did he come here? He could die! I saw his lips moving but I couldn't make them out. I asked for them to be repeated, and he said,

"As long as you feel no pain, i feel no pain." I then felt the ropes around my wrists loosen and I felt the urge to run, but I said no, because Kevin is still here. I saw two ken walk into the room. One carrying a whip and the other a gun.

"Which one Fitter?" I saw the one man ask. Kevin pointed a wobbly finger at the gun and I almost screamed. I know now why he was brought here, so they could get rid of me, the murderer, the girl with the bow, and I ran. Everything from then on happened in slow motion. The finger placed on the trigger, and running in front of the bullet, and feeling a pain through my heart. I did it, mission accomplised. At least Kevin is safe, well, I hope...

I felt a rushing sensation travel through my body, and I felt like I was flying. In the distance I saw clouds and a golden gate. This must be heaven. It looks so beautiful. As I passed the gate, I saw all the people who I know who died, including Caroline. She was smileing, and not one tear came to her eye when she saw me, but there surely was in mine. But Heaven is a blessed place where there is no such thing as time, or sadness. As Caroline and I were hand in hand, i wondered if we could talk, or if it was all silent. But she opened her mouth and said,

"Hello Kirsten. How are you?" I was unsure how to answer that. But after staring at Caroline I saw some characteristics I have never seen. She had wings and a halo.

"I think I am okay."

"We dies the same way, but we are still happy!" She said. Just then, I felt like something was missing. Kevin. I wanted to cry, but I was strong. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I knew who they belonged to, and I was taken deeper into the golden kingsom.

"Kirsten Duster, sister of Caroline Duster, welcome to Heaven. Before you go and enjoy the pleasures of this kingdom, I want you to know, you did Not die in vain, so I present to you wings and a halo. You also have the freedom to enter Earth, without being seen, and you can keep Kevin safe." I heard a voice say. It belonged to God. And then I felt something grow out my back, beautiful wings, and a halo on my head and best of all, I can go see Kevin, and be his guardian angel, so no pain will come to him.

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