Kirsten was adopted at the age of five, brought up as an only child and In a posh community. Little did she know she wasn't an only child. There was someone else, a sibling, a sister who had grown up in the worse conditions, with barely food or clothes. Would these two meet? Or fall apart at the seems?


4. Chapter four

After a week of that reunited meeting life returned to normal, except for one thing, the country was taken over by a new president who took everything from us. I learned to hunt, to cook plants and put food on the table for my family. It was a misery. I could not stand it anymore, if I could I would go kill that president. That idea was never something that would happen through my bones. I was Christian. The thought of killing sickened me. Today I was going to see Kevin and Caroline today in the woods. We do it every week to catch up on things. As I walked into the woods I saw Kevin standing there, pale and stiff. I could see there was something wrong. He pointed a shaky finger due east. My eyes traveled along the line of his finger and saw, something, I jumped out my skin when I saw it. Caroline. In the arms of no one else but President Sir. He had a gun and it was pointed to Caroline's head. Everything after that came in slow motion after that. He pulled the trigger and I saw Caroline fall onto the ground. Lifeless, staring into the stars only she could see. I could hear everything, the birds singing, the trees whispering and the sound of peace. This sound was rudely interrupted by The President. "She stole from the markets." He whispered. The anger inside of me was unbarable. I cannot hide my feelings anymore. "So you kill here. Then why not kill the whole country. You take away everything, and kill them when they steal what is rightfully their's? I am disguited. Revolted." I said to him. I was about to finish when interrupted by Kevin. "No Kirsten. You cannot do that. I know what you are thinking. No" i did not listen to him. I just pulled back my bow, took a deep breath, and let go, not just the bow, leaving the quiver empty, but my anger, sadness and disguist. I watched the bow pierce the skin of the President and him fall to the ground, but instead of seeing stars, he saw invisible fire. "Kirsten!" I heard Kevin shreak, "How? How? But." I cut him off my running into his arms, tears streaming down my face and kissed him. I just lost my sister I lately found, and Kevin was all I had now. Just him. And I guess.... I love him.

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