Kirsten was adopted at the age of five, brought up as an only child and In a posh community. Little did she know she wasn't an only child. There was someone else, a sibling, a sister who had grown up in the worse conditions, with barely food or clothes. Would these two meet? Or fall apart at the seems?


8. Chapter eight

"You surely cannot be leaving so soon Kirsten?" Caroline said, "Please don't, you only just came into heaven dear!" I looked down at my toes, guilty. I found my sister again and now, leaving again so soon.

"Kirsten, I know you love him... I just missed you." Caroline whispered quietly. She looked up at me, but with tears in her eyes.

"To tell you the truth, I wanted to rescue you at that time, but knowing you. You would of hated me for getting Kevin killed instead. Just... Stay for a while?" I walked up to my sister and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Don't worry." I whispered, "You did me a favour, I can protect Kevin. And see you again." I pulled Caroline in for a big bear hug and suddenly an idea came to my head.

"Come with me Caroline, help me protect him. Then we won't be apart💖" please Caroline I begged in my head. I saw Caroline nod her head and sprang into the air smileing

"So where to?" Caroline asked.

"Not sure, where Kevin is I guess." I replied

"And that is?"

"Don't you have some magical superpower to locate him?" I asked

"No. When did you see him last." Caroline asked once more.

"The place I died." As I said those words it felt like a spirit grabbed my hand and started pulling me in a direction. It was quite scary really, and looking over to Caroline, she wears the same expression as me. Fear. Then, I see him, I see Kevin and all traces of fear are gone, although, anger does arrive as I see the two men, beating him. I turn to Caroline and she shrugs her shoulders so alI ask,

"Can we show ourselves?"

"Only to the one we protect. You can to Kevin. But I cannot." Caroline replied. I flew towards Kevin and stood between Him and the whip. He looked up at me bewildered and amazed, that I am in front of him.

"Why is this bloody whip not destroying his skin?" The one man asked.

"I don't know you idiot! Why don't we try and kill his some other way. Lets go have lunch first." I was happy when the men left and I turned to Kevin.

"Kirsten? Is that really you?"

I smiled. "No you big oaf. It's Mrs Watsoms!" We both smiled but it faded when I saw the marks on his back.

"No Kevin what happened to you?"!I felt like crying. When I heard a voice behind me.

"Well Brad, keep on going, don't stop.!" Shouted the big guy but I screamed:

"No... No one touches Kevin Fitter if you do you, suffer the sever consequences of and from Kirsten Duster." The thought finally hit the two guys and their bones started rattling from ear in toe.

"You- you don't think ghost a-are real Brad?" Brad could talk he was speechless. Oh the things I wish I could say.

"Yes boy, I am here, I am real. Now, if you dare touch this man again, you won't know what happens next." Then the men ran. Screaming like little girls. It made me smile. What? They wings and halo didn't come with a huge set of rules!

I turned to look at Kevin, he was smiling, with tears streaming down his face.... And that all ended soon. Those two men walking in and saw me. And thats the end... I was sucked away from the mortal world, and the last thing I heard was laughter... Did it belong to Kevin? It could not be. He was crying, he was the last thing I saw. But what happens next? Will I survive in the grasp of hell?

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