Our moment

This is about 2 girls AKA Kailey&Kaitlyn they meat 1D and fall in love with them and we'll you'll just have to read



~Kaitlyns P.O.V~

We finally got to the air port I saw a lady at the front desk we walked up to her and asked when dose the London flight leave?? She said it leaves in 2 mins. Me and kailey looked at each other and ran while I ran off yelled THANKS!!

~Kaileys P.O.V~

Kaitlyn where gonna miss the flight I yelled she yelled back as we ran I know just hurry!! Than we finally got to where our plane was and there was no plane we stop and there was a lady who worked there in front of us she said girls what's wrong?? We asked her "Did the London flight already leave?? She said yes why?? I stared at Kaitlyn and said OMG relly?! Kaitlyn said yea that's our luck then the lady said what's wrong girls?? I said we where spossed to be on the London flight and we missed it UGH I yell she said OMG I'm terribley sorry girls!! I say it's fine it's not your fault! Trying to not sound angry

P.S. Hey guys sorry but my winter break is ending and today's Sunday and I have to go back to school Tommorw so yeah and Idk if I will cause all the snow but yeah I won't be able to write a lot !!! So sorry but hope you guys like the new fan fic!!! :) bye~Kaitlyn

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