Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


25. Teaching them how to be a photographer

Nya's POV

"I um I choose..." I started. "Who!?!?" Calum yelled. "Dude you need to calm your anger. I choose JJ" I said. JJ's face lit up like a light. Finn looked at me emotionless. Calum was the same. "Finn, I didn't pick you because you're like a brother to me. Calum, I didn't pick you because you're a cheater and, now that I think about it, I love JJ" I said. Finn nodded in understandment. Calum went back into the living room and Finn left. JJ smiled at me. "Let's go, beautiful" he said and he wrapped his arm around my waist. "NIALL. I'M GOING TO WORK" I yelled. "OKAY!!!" He yelled back. I grabbed my keys and penny board and walked back to JJ. I set my penny board in the back of his car and got into the passenger side. I put my seatbelt on and JJ started driving to the studio.

*at the studio*

We got there and the rest of Union J was there. They saw me and JJ and started cheering. I guess they knew. Well then. "Okay okay. Josh you're up first. I'm gonna teach you guys how to take the shots and edit them afterwards. So, JJ you get to learn first." I said. He smiled at me and I showed him how to take the picture. "Okay, I think you've got it. JOSH!!! DO YOUR POSE!!!" I yelled and Josh struck a pose. JJ took the picture. "Okay, GEORGE, YOUR TURN TO LEARN. JOSH KEEP MAKIN POSES THEN WE'LL SWITCH IT UP." I yelled. They all nodded and I started to play some music. They started laughing at my choice of music. I started playing Beautiful Life by Union J. I taught George how to take the picture and Josh struck another pose. Then I taught Jaymi and he took a picture. "Ok, no more doing my job. I'll teach you how to edit the pictures later. And NONE of you are getting someone else's pictures. You're getting your own. JJ, you're up." I said. They nodded and JJ struck some poses.

*after the photoshoot and teaching them how to edit*

We all left the studio and I grabbed my penny board from JJ's car. "BYE GUYS!!! SEE YA LATER!!!" I yelled and started making my way to the park. The fight was in 3 hours. "WAIT UP!!! JAYMI, TAKE MY CAR!!!" JJ yelled and I heard him catch up to me on his long board. "Hey babe." I said and slowed down so he could put his arm around me. "Hey gorgeous." He said and he kissed my temple. I laughed. We continued to make our way to the park.

*2 1/2 hours later*

"C'MON JJ!!! THE FIGHT STARTS IN HALF AN HOUR!!!!" I yelled. "I'M COMING!!!" He said as he rode over to me. "Let's go babe." He said as he pecked my lips. I smiled and we made our way to the house.

*twenty minutes later*

We finally made it. I ran into the house and yelled "TEN MINUTES!!!!" Everyone ran to the couches. I sat down on my gaming chair. It was the closest chair, ok!!! JJ picked me up, sat on the chair and put me on his lap. The rest of Union J barged in and I started laughing at them. They were in their monkey onesies. "Aww I don't have mine!!!!" JJ whined. "Don't worry, mate, we brought you yours." George said as he threw the onesie to JJ. I got off JJ and ran upstairs. I grabbed my Union Jack onesie and put it on. I ran down the stairs to find everyone in a fucking onesie. Niall had his USA flag onesie, UJ had their monkey onesies, Electra had a Gryffindor onesie, Abby had a Ravenclaw onesie, Zayn had a Slytherin onesie, David had a Hufflepuff onesie, Cj had a Union Jack onesie, LM had white onesies, Harry had a cat onesie, Louis had a blue onesie, Eleanor had a purple onesie and Tom, Logan and Jake had dog onesies. "TWINSIES!!!!" Me and my twin yelled and we tackled each other. We all laughed and I got up and sat on JJ who was sitting on my gaming chair. "Aww. You're sooo cute together!!!!!" Electra and Abby fangirled. I laughed at them. Then I saw the part where they show facts about the fighters and saw Silva and Weidman. "SHHH!!!!! IT'S STARTING!!!!" Me, Louis, JJ and Cj yelled. They shut up and Niall left the room. He came back with food. "Gimme gimme gimme" i said ad tried to reach for the food. "What are the magic words?" He asked. "Avada Kedavra." I said. "Dammit." He said and handed me the food. I cheered and ate. "You're adorable" JJ whispered and I giggled. Everyone else gasped. I never giggle. I just continued to watch the fight. So did JJ. I really love him.

(a/n: Yey!!! I updated. What do ya think of the chappie? I'm planning on adding more drama soon. There won't be a QOTU today because it's 11 at night right now so BAI!!!!

-Nj Malfoy/Hamblett xxx)

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