Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


3. playing matchmaker

(A/N Hey guys. I was thinking of doing a question of the day every time I update. You know, like how Shane Dawson does when he uploads a video. Should I? I get bored all the time and I love your feedback!!! -NJ Malfoy)

Luke's POV

Me and Daira broke up a while back. I just haven't told anyone. Besides, she broke up with me. She said she wasn't feeling the spark anymore.

Harry's POV

I am sooo glad I've moved on from Abby. As long as she's happy, I'm happy!!

Ashton's POV

I'm heartbroken. Ryanne broke up with me. I really loved her. I guess I'm just gonna have to move on.

Nya's POV

"I'm hungryyyyy!!!!!" I whined. "You're seriously the girl version of Niall." Sam said. "No duh!! He's my brother." I said. Hr laughed. Caspar walked in with a girl. "Oooh. Did Casp get a girlyfriend!?" I asked. He nodded. "Hi I'm Alyssa." The girl said. "Hey, I'm Nya!!! *insert smiley face*" i said. I got to know her then my phone rang. "Excuse me please." I said and left the room. I answered my phone. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey NJ!!! It's Me!! Sameerah!!!" She said. "OMG!!! SAMEERAH!!!" I yelled. She laughed. "We haven't seen each other in ages!!! Why don't you come over!?" I asked. "Okay. Text me the address." She said and hung up. Then I thought, why not invite Leanna too? Leanna is my other friend. I have waaay too many friends. I called her. "Hello?" She asked. "Hey Leanna!!! It's NJ!!! I was wonderin if you wanted to come over?" I asked. "Yeah sure." She said. "I'll text you the address." I said. "Okay. Bye." She said. "Bye" I replied and hung up. I texted both of them the address and both of them came over.

*2 hours later*

Me, Leanna, Sameerah, Electra, Perrie, Eleanor and Abby are all sittin in the living room talking about random things. Then Luke and Harry walk in. I catch Harry staring at Leanna and Luke staring at Sameerah. Ooh!!!! "Hey Luke. Did you know Sameerah is from Australia?" I asked. "Really?" He asked her. She nodded and they started talking. "Harry, Leanna loves the movie Love Actually." I said. And they started talking. I think i did a good job.

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