Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


53. Nalum date XD

Calum's POV

*the next day aka date day lol*

I hope this goes as planned...

Nya's POV

"HEY CALBEAR..!!!!" I yelled. "YEAH NYABEAR!?" He yelled back, even though he was right beside me. Strange child. "Where are we going on this date you have planned?" I asked in a very thick british accent. "Just dress casually babe. We're going to a vewy special pwace." He replied. "You are such a strange child." I told him. "But that's why you love me." He replied cheekily. "True." I said and then went to my suitcase to pick something out (a/n pick an outfit from my sets on polyvore). I then changed and stuff then went to the "living room" on the bus only to find Michael playing Fifa and eating pizza while Ashton and Luke were play fighting on the floor and Niall was rooting for Luke while Louis was rooting for Ashton. Ashton had my penguin in his hand. They were penguin fighting. "Excuse my language Abby but WHO THE FUCK GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO TOUCH BRUCEY J!?!?" I yelled. The 5 boys in the living room looked at me in fear. You should be scared you little bastards. "Uhm.....uh.........LOUIS DID IT!!!" Ashton yelled. "OI IT WASN'T ME, IT WAS LUKE!!!" Louis yelled. "NO!!! IT WAS NIALL." Luke yelled. "Oh hell naw, it was Ashton!!!!" Niall yelled. "QUITE THE CRAP. Next time I see one of you holding Brucey J, you won't see another tomorrow." Okay, that didn't come from my mouth. I looked over and saw Calum standing in the doorway. Let's just say that Calum and I are BOTH very over protective of my stuffed penguin, Brucey J. The 5 boys nodded. Abby went over to Ashton and just smacked the back off his head. "OW!!!" Ashton yelled in pain. "NEVER THOUGHT IT'D HURT SO BAD, GETTIN OVER YOU-U!!" Abby, Calum, Niall, Louis, Mikey and I yelled then bursted out laughing. "C'mon babe, let's go." Calum said and he walked me out of the tour bus and into the car. "Wait, who's driving? You don't have your driver's license and I don't know where we're going." I asked. Just then, Karl ran towards us. "Sorry I'm late guys. Had to drop off Nathan. And no, not Nathan Sykes. He hates me." Karl apologized. I know which Nathan he's talking about. We just nodded and got into the car. We buckled our seatbelts and Karl started driving. "How many people do you know?" Calum asked. I thought for a minute. "Over 200 at least." I answered. "So who's Nathan and why does Nathan Sykes hate Karl?" Calum asked. "Nathan old friend of ours and Nathan Sykes used to be my best friend before he flipped out because he found out that Niall is my brother. The other Nathan, Nathan Grey (a/n not an actual person guys. Based off a real person tho.), is one of my internet friends that happened to live in LA." I replied. Calum nodded.

*destination one*

We got out of the car and Calum grabbed my hand and literally dragged me to a random tree. "Well go on. Climb, my dear friend." He said. "Fine fine. Love you too." I said. He expected me to climb up the tree haha. I climbed on his back. "CARRY ME UP THE TREE, MY STALLION!!!" I yelled. "I swear, you've spent way too much time with Michael." He said as he started climbing with me on his back. Hehe. "Hey, he's mah gaming buddie. You don't like gaming with me. *insert fake sad face here*" i said and pouted. He laughed and poked my cheek.

*an hour later*

Cal and I have been chilling here for about an hour. That is, until I got a phone call.

Me: hello?

Person: hey uhm Nya? It's me Harry.

Cal: Who is it?

Me: *says to calum* harreh. *back to harreh* what's up curly headed kitten?

Harry: someone is uh in your LA house.


Harry: mkay

Cal: what's goin on?

Me: someone's in my LA house -.-


QOTU: who do YOU think is in the LA house?


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