Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


28. Interview

JJ's POV (woah that's new)

"JAMIE HAMBLETT. GET YO ASS OUTTA MAH BED." I heard. No one calls me Jamie anymore. "NOOOOOOO." I complained. "Fine then. You better get up soo or else we'll miss the interview AND I'm gonna put ice down your pants." Nya threatened. "I'M UP!!!!" I yelled and shot out if bed. She started laughing really hard so I went and changed. After changing, I walked downstairs to find Nya eating a bag of chips. "C'mon, Babe. Leggo!!!" I yelled. She hugged the bag of chips and walked to the door; with the chips. We left the building and got into my car. I started driving to the studio place and we talked about anything and everything.

*at the*

We went straight on stage when we got there. BUT, Nya didn't know I was onstage too. I was behind the couch gettin ready to scare Nya and Alan.


A: Welcome back to part four. Now we have the lovely, Nya Horan!!!!

Crowd: *cheers*

N: *smiles*

A: So what happened between you and Cedric?

N: We found out we were twins and yeah. We never kissed or did anything sexual so NO WORRIES!!!!!

A: *laughs* What about Calum?

N: He cheated twice so I dumped him, both times.

A: You seem so straight foward with these answers. Did you plan this out or something?

N: *chuckles* no. I'm pretty much an open book, that's why.

A: Okay. So now, a picture going to show up on the screen here and you have to tell us who you're with in that picture and what was happening.

N: Okay.

Nya's POV

The first picture that showed up was me, Abby and Rachel throwing skittles at Liam and the O2L boys. I laughed. "That's me, Abby and my good friend Rachel throwing skittles at Liam and the O2L boys" i said. The crowd and Alan chuckled lightly. The next picture was me and David taking random pictures of each other. "That's me and David taking random pictures of each other." I said and they chuckled again. The next picture was me and Niall hugging. "That's me and Niall having a brother/sister moment." I said and they smiled at me. The last one was me and JJ carrying my stuff to the van. "That's me and JJ loading my stuff into the van. I moved." I said. "Speaking of JJ, are you dating him?" Alan asked. "Yeah. We've been together for about 2 months now." I replied. "Where is he?" Alan asked. 3,2,1, "BOO!!!!" JJ yelled and Alan screamed. "Hello to you too, JJ!!!" I said and turned towards him. "I knew that was coming." I said. "What? How?" He asked; confusedly. I shrugged. He jumped over the couch and landed bext to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. Alan and the audience 'aww'ed. I laughed and we continued with the interview.

A/N: OKAY!!! I know I haven't updated but I was at camp last week and i've been having headaches for the last few days so don't judge. Dats all I wanna say so BAI!!! -Nj Malfoy)

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