Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


24. "I choose..."

(A/N: Pretend the fight between Silva and Weidman didn't happen yet.)

Nya's POV

"YASSS!!!!" I yelled. "What?" Calum asked. " UFC is on tonight, idiot!!!" I screamed. He looked taken aback. "She LOVES UFC." Niall said. "I can see that" Calum replied. "Are you sure you're bot a guy?" Jake asked jokingly. "Last time I checked, I was a girl" I replied. He laughed. "WHO'S FIGHTING TONIGHT!?!?" Logan yelled. "SILVA AND WEIDMAN!!!!!" I yelled back. "Who are you voting for?" Ashton asked. "Silva duh!!!!" I stated. Just then, the doorbell rang. "I GOT IT NIALL!!!!!" I yelled even though he was beside me. "OKAY!!!!" He yelled back as I skipped to the door. I opened it to reveal JJ and Finn. "I heard he loves you" JJ said. "And I heard he loves you too." Finn continued. "And we both know Calum still loves you" They said in unison. "So, who do you pick?" JJ asked. "Uh....wait a sec. CALUM. C'MERE!!!!!" I yelled. "Yeah?" Calum asked as he came to the door. I explained what was happening and he nodded. "Who do you pick?" They all asked. "I um I choose..."

(A/N: CLIFFHANGERRRRRR!!!! I'm just gonna go straight to the QOTU.

QOTU: Who do you think I picked?

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