Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


7. "Explain!!!"

Nya's POV

Cedric parked in my driveway and we all walked in. Electra and Niall saw us and literally attacked me. We laughed and got up. Electra saw Tom and Logan and screamed. Then my phone rang. I answered. "hello?" I asked. "Hey Nya." The person said. I left the room. "Hey Andrew. What's up?" I asked. "Remember that friend of yours who's birthday is coming up?" He asked. "Which friend? Abby or Jessica? Their's is on the same day!!!!" I exclaimed. "Both. So, I was thinking that I could come over that day for the party. You told me that they both love me on The Walking Dead so maybe I could be their "present" from you. They'll love you for eternity." He said. I laughed. "Sure. I'll talk to you about it later. See ya, Lincoln." I said. "See ya, Horan." He said and I hung up. I walked back into the living room to find the others sitting on the couch and Electra about to hit Cedric. She punched him. "What the hell!!!!" He yelled and held his cheek. I sniggered. "Hey Ced, you might wanna put some ice on that." I said. He nodded and went into the kitchen. I sat down next to Calum and he hugged the life out of me. Not literally. Cedric walked back in and sat beside me. "Why do you all of a sudden trust him!?" Niall asked. "We'll explain everything. Including these smexy actors." I said. Tom, Logan and Jake laughed. "She's telling the truth. You guys are smexy!!!" Abby said. We all laughed. "Okay. Explain!!!" Louis said. "Well, Cedric can start off." I said. He nodded. "It started off when I was dating Nya. Nathan came up to me and told me to make Nya break up with me or else he'd kill her. That was his first task." Cedric said. "His next task was to fight me so he called me and explained everything. We planned it out. We fake fought and afterwards. Nathan gave him another task." Calum said. "Cedric's next and final task was to kidnap us." Tom started. "Or else he'd kill Nya and all of us." Logan continued. "He agreed so that we didn't die." Jake finished. "Then Nathan went out with his awful band and Cedric helped us escape and here we are." I finished. The rest all nodded. "Sorry for punching you, Cedric." Electra apologized. "It's ok. I would've gotten worse if I went back to Nathan." He said. We all nodded.

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