Niall's Little Sister 2

This is the sequel to the Amazayn story, Niall's Little Sister!!! If you haven't read Niall's Little Sister then GO READ IT!!! You'd be surprised on what happened after that last chapter. So, READ NIALL'S LITTLE SISTER THEN READ THIS!! Oh and it's rated Y for swearing. What can I say? I swear!!


35. Because Of Her

Nya's POV

I skipped into Niall's house (where pretty much EVERYONE lives) and yelled "FAMILYYY MEEETINGGGG!!!" Everyone ran down the stairs and sat in the living room. "Okay. I've noticed that I haven't spent time with you guyd individually. So, I've decided that I will spend one day with each of you. Including the YouTubers. Ok? Ok. Today's day is CEDRIC!!!" I yelled. They all yelled "OK!!!" And left.

*about 3 months later*

I hung out with EVERYONE!!!! I don't even remember what I did with most of them but ok. So today, I walked into my flat only to hear a bunch of moans come from the bedroom. I slowly walked to the door and opened it to find him fucking Kendall Jenner. She saw me and smirked. "I-i can explain" JJ said. He cheated on me. "WE'RE THROUGH HAMBLETT!!!" I yelled. I quickly packed my stuff, which was in the other room and left. I drove to Niall's and unlocked the door. "Hey–" Harry started but didn't finish because I ran to my room and slammed the door. I slid to the floor and started crying. I got up and sat on my bed. I grabbed the picture of JJ that was beside the bed and threw it across the room. I watched it shatter. Niall ran in, saw the mess I made and ran out to get a broom and a dustpan. He ran back in and cleaned it up. "Th-thanks Ni." I said. He smiled at me sympathetically.Calum slowly walked in and sat beside me. He sat beside me and wrapped his arms around me. He rocked me back and forth to calm me down. I soon stopped crying and was just sniffling. "Now, tell me what happened." He commanded. "He ch-cheated on m-me. Most of my past boyfriends cheated on me. Am I not good enough?" I asked. "You are good enough. They didn't know what a great girl they had. Now, I'm going to tell you what REALLY happened." He said. I nodded. "It starts off with me being dragged to a club. I bumped into Kendall Jenner and she started flirting with me. I kept telling her that I had a girlfriend. They boys came and dragged me to the bar. They got me a bunch of shots and forced me to drink them. They drank a lot too and we were all drunk. Kendall then grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to the house. She took my key and unlocked the door. Long story short, she practically raped me." He explained. "Does she hate you or something?" He asked. I nodded. "spill." He commanded. "A few years ago, I was dating a guy named Edward who was also her ex boyfriend. So one day, after a photoshoot, he came to visit me. Kendall thought he was there to win her back but he explained that he was there for me. She said she still loved him and shit but he just said that he loved me. He walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist and we started walking towards the exit. She yelled 'THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT'. She hates me because I stole her 'love of her life'" I explained. "Ohhh." He said. "Yeah ohhhh" i said. "Cal, I'm tired." I said. I laid down under the blanket and started to fall asleep. Calum was about to leave but I stopped. "Can you stay? Please?" I asked. He nodded and got under the covers with me (NOT IN A DIRTY WAY YOU HENTAI!!!!). I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep to Calum softly singing She Looks So Perfect.

A/N: Hey guys!!!! So, me and Abby are really close to making the channel!!! This is going to sound really complicated but me and Abby are going to have a channel, me and Alyric are going to have a channel, Alyric and Abby are going to have a channel together and individually and the three of us are going to have a channel all together. The channel with all three of us won't happen for another 3 years but me and Abby are going to make your channel this year. That's all I really had to say. Be sure to Like and favourite this movella if you haven't already and maybe make that button that says 'fan' turn into 'already fan'? BAI GUYS!!!!! -Nj Malfoy xxx

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