You and Me

Joy is a freshman in HS. She is 5'6". She has blue eyes, but they are sometimes grey. She is pretty and funny. She has long brow curly hair. She is bullied though.......


2. Truth or Dare

Joy's POV


When I got home me and Ivy decided to play truth or dare. we started and I went first.

(I-Ivy J-Joy)

Ivy truth or dare?-J


Who do you like??-J

umm don't judge but Niall.-I

what how???-J

He used to be different we were best friends in the seventh grade, and I fell for him.-I


Truth or dare?-I


I dare you to not wear any make-up for a week.-I

Ok. Truth or Dare?-J


I dare you to be my slave for a week.-J

Do I have to????-I 

Yes. You chose dare. -J 

Fine. Can we arch movies now???? please.-I

Ok. What movie?-J

Ummmmm. Harry Potter series.-I

Ok. You get the popcorn.-J

while we were watching I was on Facebook. I saw a post about The X-Factor, and that auditions were coming up for the next season. I wondered if I would be good enough. I always wanted to be a Performer when I grow up. I love the feeling of being on stage. I vy noticed the thoughtful look on my face and she asked me what I was thinking about. I just said nothing. I don't want her to think i'm an idiot so I will tell her about it a different time.

Harry's POV

I can't get here out of my mind I need to talk to her get to know her. I can't do that around the boys though. They will be bullying her. Grrrrrrr. Wait I can find her on Facebook. YES! I went and searched for her on Facebook i finally found her and friend requested her. I guess she is on because she messaged me, and said "Why do you want me to be your friend???? Didn't your friends bully me today??" I responded "I am so sorry I don't share their views, but I want to be your friend so I can get to know you." Then I got a notification saying she accepted my friend request. I also got a message saying "Okay." "So how about 20 Questions??" I asked her. She answered "Alright you start."



Author's Note

Thats all for now my lovelies. Sorry it took forever I have been really busy with school and stuff,  but I had some snow days so I wrote you a Chapter. Love you guys!!!!! I will have another chapter next sunday promise. I have also decided to continue on my other movella First Love. It is a Justin Bieber fan-fix. Go check it out!!!! Thank you so much of reading!!!!! (Sorry it is so short. The next one will be longer. PROMISE.) Bye!

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