You and Me

Joy is a freshman in HS. She is 5'6". She has blue eyes, but they are sometimes grey. She is pretty and funny. She has long brow curly hair. She is bullied though.......


1. First Day

Joy's POV


We just moved to London my mom had got a divorce, and wanted to get as far as she could from her ex. So we moved to a new country. I am from Missouri U.S.A. I am so afraid my american accent and my tan will stick out at school today, but I can do this. I woke up at 6:30 this morning got ready in white skinny jeans a aqua three quoter sleeve shirt with a navy blue tank underneath because it has a lace back it is a v-neck. I also wore my favorite pair of boots, and put on a little make-up. Cuz it is my first day. I don't usually wear it. I then straightened my hair, and left for school. When I got there I went to my locker. A girl came up and opened her locker right next to mine then turned to me, and said "Hey my name is Ivy. Whats yours?"

I responded an then showed Ivy my class schedule we have every class together she showed me around a little. Then we went to our first class. It was spanish. Soooooo boring. In the hall going to my next class someone bumped into me, and my papers went flying everywhere. Then he looked up. He has blue eyes that I could melt in, but then he opened his mouth and said "Hey ugly are you new here. Maybe you should go somewhere else slut." My eyes started tearing up I quickly gathered my papers, and ran to the restroom. Ivy followed me she comforted me, and told my that that was Niall Horan the most popular guy in school along with his friends Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn.


**After School**


After school me and Ivy went to get some hot chocolate at McDonalds. Then they walked in luckily they didn't see us until they sat down. Then Niall noticed us and said " ewwwww look its here!" all the boys laughed. Me and Ivy left to go home just as we were going out the door Niall yelled " leaving so soon why don't you come over here and sit with us?" "No why would we want to sit with you dirtbags." I said back and left with Ivy. When we got back to my place we decided to have a disney movie marathon. The next day I saw him. I saw Harry Styles with his perfect curly hair and his amazing green eyes. I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw him, but then of course everything was ruined when Niall walked up sending more insults my way. Harry didn't say anything though he just nodded and walked to his class. School went on boringly Ivy stayed home sick. I really missed her. I decided to get by her house after school to see how she was, and drop off her assignments.


Niall's POV

Class just started and this girl walks in she has shoulder length brown curly hair. She was wearing a nice outfit, and she was weirdly tan. I assumed she was from somewhere else. U.S.A maybe? She was introduced as Joy then she went to sit with Ivy I had a crush on Ivy she was SOOOOOO beautiful and nice. After class I was looking in the hall for Ivy when I bumped into someone looking up I said "Hey ugly are you new here. Maybe you should go somewhere else slut." She got tears in her eyes and ran off I then saw Ivy following her and I freaked hopping she wouldn't hate me. Later that day I saw the girl and Ivy at McDonalds I wanted to go sit with them, but I was with the guys so I yelled out "ewwww look it's here!" They started to leave so I said " leaving so soon why don't you come over here and sit with us?" They Joy yelled back to me "No why would we want to sit with you dirtbags?" With that they left. That was the first time anyone ever said anything back to me. It shocked me. After that the boys and I went back to my flat. Harry seemed a little distracted. When we asked him what was wrong he just said he didn't feel well and went home. I wonder what's up with him.


Harry's POV

I saw her. A girl so perfect she took my breath away. I knew I couldn't tell the boys cuz Niall has been bulling her and they all join in. I don't see how he can say those things about someone so.....perfect. The boys kept asking why I was so quite I just said I didn't feel good and went home. I need to figure this out.





Authors Note

Hey!!!!! Thank you so much for reading this. I apologize for the short chap. I just wanted to start the story. I am hoping to update once a week. So enjoy and please no hate. I am still new at this.many things to come contest for the guys gf's and other surprises!!!! Be ready it will be awesome. Before I go hers a riddle comment you answers "what travels the world but stays in a corner??????" Thank you again!!!

Love, Joyce😄💙😘





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