Skater Girlz

Blurb: So what would happen if the morning our boys were meant to go on the x-factor some of them got nervous… What if Harry, Liam, and Louis went on and Zayn and Niall didn’t? What would happen if Zayn and Niall become best friends without the other guys? And Harry, Liam, and Louis were solo artists so when they got kicked off they didn’t come back? What will happen when Niall and Zayn meet Eliza and Rielly? The “Skater Girlz” in town. What would happen to these boys? Fine out in Skater Girlz!!

Hey guys this is my first story so I hope you like it!! And tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!



~~Eliza’s P.O.V.

 I wake up to my alarm singing DNA by Little Mix! I love them there my favorite girl band! I looked at my clock and it said 9:00. I get up and drag my half asleep half awake self to the bathroom. In the process, tripping over me and Rielly’s new puppy, Princess! Cora and I live together in our penthouse! You may think I’m rich but let’s just say our daddy’s have high paying jobs! So after I checked if Princess was okay I headed to my bathroom and started freshening up! I stripped off all my clothes and got into the shower. After washing my hair and body I got out and wrapped a towel around my body and headed back into my room. I picked out my favorite bikini. It was a hot pink strapless top with and pastel blue bow on it. The bottoms were just hot pink with a pastel blue rim! After I got my bathing suit on I had to pick out my clothes I decided some high wasted short shorts and crop-top that says Hakuna Matata with a bunch of cute-weird things in the words! So I go back to my bathroom to find princess playing with a roll of toilet paper, she looked so cute I could watch it forever! But I had to get ready so I picked up the roll of toilet paper and threw it in to my room; Princess chased it like it was one of her treats! I decided since me and Rielly still don’t totally know what were going to do today at the beach that I was just going to wear some mascara. It really made my brown dull eyes look prettier. Cora and I go to the beach almost every morning because It’s only and 5 minute walk and a 2 ½ minute ride on our skateboards! All the life guards know us and sometimes we hang out with the girls! So after I put on my mascara, I brushed my hair out letting my brownish/reddish wavy hair flow over my shoulders all the way to my elbows. I brushed my teeth and looked at the clock it was only 10 so I decided to check on Cora. When I went into her room she was in her bathroom taking a shower, so I decided to play a prank on her. We always play pranks on each other for as long as I can imagine!!We've been best friends sense 3rd grade and we graduated last summer! I couldn't imagine life without her!! I went down stairs into our kitchen and grabbed a plastic cup, filled it up with freezing cold water and a few ice cubes, then rushed upstairs. I went quietly into her bedroom and then quietly to the bathroom. I stood on her toilet and dumped on her! She gasped and screamed, “What the heck, Eliza!” I started laughing so hard tears where falling out of my eyes! She said she was going to get me back but I highly doubt it! So I was on the couch in our lounge room watching T.V. on out flat screen when Cora came out with her hair in a pony-tail, some mascara on, and a very devious smile. I had to admit I was a little scared but then I thought she’s just trying to sike me out so I returned the devious smile. She looked confused but shook it off. I got off the couch grabbed my IPhone and house key and slid on my colorful Vans to match my crop top. I headed out to the garage with Cora hot on my trail. I walked out and saw the best transportation ever….. Our skateboards! Cora and I have our driver’s license but we just don’t want cars. We have our skateboards! I open our Garage door and see a big truck across the street with two boys. “Looks like we have new neighbors.” I said to Cora. “Ya, and dang there cute.” I just chuckled. They both must have heard the garage door open or maybe us talking because they were staring at us, Cora and I just kept on getting ready by figuring out which long board we were riding to the beach. Then I just stopped and looked over at the boys. They were sitting on the back of someone’s truck still staring at us. I said “Cora look!” She looked at me then followed my eyes. She saw the boys and said “Oh, Okay. Ready One.”
“Two.” I replied.
“Three.” We said together.
“TAKE A PICTURE IT LASTS LONGER!” We shouted to the two boys. We seen them chuckle and turned back to what we were doing. We picked out our long boards mine was pastel pink with pastel blue wheels and hers was pastel blue with pastel pink wheels. Then I grabbed my guitar case with my heavy guitar in it and we headed to the beach with the boys still staring at us.

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