Childhood Friends To High School Lovers

Lauren And Niall have been friends for ages and once they hit grade nine they realise they love each other. Who will be the first to admit it? Will it lead to marriage and children? Read to find out.


2. The Summer Before Grade Nine

Lauren's POV

Me and Niall are camping like we always do in the summer. Something was different, our parents dropped us of here a couple days ago, we went alone basically. I felt better being alone with Niall then having our families here to annoy us. We get alone time together. I love having alone time with Niall. We are going hiking tomorrow and its going to be so much fun. Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Come on Lauren. Lets start going, by the time we get back it will be sunset." He smiled at me. We started running back across the giant rocky path we kept stumbling but we didn't fall. I lost my balance on a rugged rock and fell, I got back up and brushed the dirt off my clothes. I looked beyond the pine trees and saw a bare spot, "lets go over there!" I said pointing to the bare spot, he was holding the tent and his clothes in his back pack, so I took his back pack, and ran to the bare spot, "Catch me if you can!" I yelled back at him. "Aww! C'mon! That's not fair!" he complained, "Says who?"

I reached the bare spot and set his backpack down. I sat down watching Niall run towards me. I quickly took my over sized top and shorts off and ran into the water. I waited for Niall to do the same but he just sits down watching me. "What's wrong Niall? Why won't you come join me in here?" I say with concern in my voice. "I don't want to hop in that's all Lauren."  when he said that, I did my puppy eyes and pouty lip.

He started swing his head facing the forest floor, "Awh! I can't stay mad at that face!" he smiled at me. He started taking off his pants pulling them down slowly, then took off his shirt and jumped in the cold river. Under the water he held my hands, and we played under the clean fresh water. We got out at dark, we were both freezing. In the tent I put on an over sized batman sweater and leggings as pj's, I side-braided my hair so it wouldn't be tangly in the morning. I hopped out of the tent and he was already making dinner at the little fire-pit we made. He handed me a hotdog in a bun, with mustard. I ate it fast, I didn't eat lunch! He yawned and changed into sweats and a white tee. He motioned me to come towards the tent and lay down in his arms. 

I felt safe inside his arms, he sang to me until I fell asleep. He whispered in my ear and said "I love you."

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