Childhood Friends To High School Lovers

Lauren And Niall have been friends for ages and once they hit grade nine they realise they love each other. Who will be the first to admit it? Will it lead to marriage and children? Read to find out.


3. The last day of camping

Niall's POV

I woke up with Lauren's head on my chest, sleeping so soundly, I smiled and stroked her hair. I loved her, and I think she loved me.

This camping trip has been amazing, but two weeks after today, we started school, I wanted to let it out of her before school started.

I whispered in her ear "Good morning beautiful," she woke up with droopy eyes and a smile, "Morning," she said while stretching, "Ready to go home?" She laughed a bit, "No..." she sat up and  just stared off into space, I waved my hands in front of her face, "You there?" she smiled again "yeah, I'm just so tired!"

I crawled over to my suit case and dug out oatmeal, "In the mood for oatmeal?" I looked back at her while she was staring off into space again and she nodded.

I opened up the pack and put it aside and put water from a water bottle into a teapot. I grabbed a lighter and lit the wood in the fire, I took the pot and put it on a pole and warmed the water.

I walked back to the tent, and peeked in, she was sleeping. Again.

I walked back to the fire and poured the oatmeal in while I was yawning. I sat there and looked at the mountains, admiring them. I smelt the oatmeal and got it off the fire.

I poured the oatmeal into bowls and put cinnamon on it. "Lauren! It's ready!" I yelled at her. A minute later she came out, and sat on the log next to me, I slowly gave her the bowl. She looked at me like there was something wrong, "Something wrong?" she asked, I nodded no. 

She slowly ate her oatmeal, and threw the Styrofoam bowl and plastic spoon in the burning fire. She stood up and walked to the tent.

She came out of the tent a while later dressed and ready, a sweater and super skinny jeans. She flipped her hair and my heart started racing, "Ooh boy," "what?" "did I say that out loud?" she nodded. My face went red of embarrassment. So just got up and walked into the tent to hide my face.

I walked out, white tee, with regular jeans, the usual. I put my sunglasses and baseball cap on. I squinted over to the distance and saw Lauren running... "What are you doing?!?" "Running idiot!" she yelled at me I ran to catch her but she's strong! She pushed me in the lake! I got out SOAKED and cold, I ran after her thinking I would succeed, I caught her and threw her in the lake. "NIALL!" she yelled at me. I laughed "You started it!" "I'll end it!" I heard my brother yell, "Greg?" I looked back and saw my brothers face, "Ready to go?" he asked, I looked back at Lauren and back a Greg again, "Yeah I guess so.." I rubbed my neck.

I got up and walked back to our camp area, my mom and dad were already taking down the tent. I grabbed my suit case that was by the fire pit, and walked over to the car, I opened the trunk and set it in, I saw something shiny in the trunk and squinted at it, "what?" I muttered to myself I grabbed it and it was a locket, I opened it up. I saw separate pictures of me and Lauren. I turned the locket around and it said, together forever. I saw Lauren running up with her suitcase and I threw it back into the trunk, not too close but close enough to see. "Hey have you seen my- oh there it is!" she grabbed the locket. "Did you look at this?" she asked looking at me, I nodded no fast. "I didn't even see it," she nodded "Okay" and set her suitcase in the trunk.... so she did love me.

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