Childhood Friends To High School Lovers

Lauren And Niall have been friends for ages and once they hit grade nine they realise they love each other. Who will be the first to admit it? Will it lead to marriage and children? Read to find out.


1. Kindergarten

Lauren's POV

I remember when I lived in the U.S. it was a nice, sunny place, My mom and dad got called to Ireland for a job, so we had to move there. Today was my first day in kindergarten, at a public school, I had no idea what it was called, but I went there anyways, "Good-bye honey!" yelled my mom waving out the car window, I waved back, "bye,". Once I walked on the kindergarten playground, I had no idea what to do, monkey-bars? The slide? Swings? So I just stood there waiting in line, all of the sudden this boy, just fell in front of me! He stood up he had blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair with a bit brown in it, "sorry," he said while getting up and looking at me. I just kept quiet, he looked at me for a second, "Hi, I'm Niall," he said sticking out his dirty hand, I looked at it for a sec. "Hi I'm Lauren," I said quietly, "What?!" "I'm Lauren," I raised my voice a little. He raised his eyebrows, and looked around, "Do you wanna play with me?" he asked excitingly, I nodded. "C'mon! Follow me!" he yelled back at me while he was running away, I dropped my backpack and ran after. He jumped on the monkey-bars and I kept going bar-to-bar along with him until we got calluses. Then we slid on the slide three or four times, we were giggling, I heard him giggle, I want his laugh! The bell rang and we all ran to the line grabbing our backpacks.

We went inside and saw our teacher, Mrs. Price, "Okay, class! Come on in and sit on the floor!" she said pointing to a rug, Niall just plopped down on the floor, blocking the way for the other kids to get in, I told him, "We have to sit over there!" I pointed to the rug. "Oh, okay!" he crawled to the rug and sat down, Iwalked over and sat next to him, and smiled at him. Mrs.Price, was telling us the rules and the ways of things. Once she was done, she gave us snacks and papers to fill out, Niall ate his snack in one bite It seems like it, on the paper he was writing down fastly. I was writing slow and neat and ate the snack with small bites. When we were done with everything, school was over! My mom showed me the way to go when to walk home a million times. So I walked home alone, until Niall caught up, "Lauren!" he yelled behind me, "You live in this neighborhood too?!" I asked him "Yeah!!" he ran up to me and was out of breath, "" he said pointing to a house that was brown and in good shape. I pointed to my house, the one next to his, "that's where I live," I said pointing to my old, gray, house, also in good shape. We talked until we reached our houses, "See ya tomorrow, Lauren!!" he yelled at me across our yards. "Bye!!!" I yelled back.

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