The cheater

Niall and Juliana just found out Harry and Louiss secret while Liam is trying to hide his.


2. The L word

" I love your more! " Niall said back. "Do you want some soda? " he asked " Sure . " I stepped into his house and sat on the couch. " Come with me. " he said grabbing my hand. He opened the door to his room and sat on his bed. He stroked my hair and said " I love you. " " I love you too. " His strong Irish accent struck me with red cheecks. " Remember when u moved here from the states? " he asked " Yes, yes I do. " I replied. " Thats the day I feel in love! " I blushed again. He leaned in and kissed me. We made out until he tried to take off my shirt. " Wow I love you but I'm just not ready. " I said " I'm sorry I just can't help it your so beautiful! " he said. TEXT FROM MOM: Time to come home! "Juliana?" "Yes mom?" I said shaking "Where were you?" She asked suspiciously. "I.....was at.....the..park! Yea the park you know playing on the swings!" I said suspiciously. "Ok?"

One month later.........

TEXT FROM NIALL: Juliana, I made it I'm going to be a superstar! I'm going to miss you. My plain leaves today. I can get an extra ticket. Pack all your cloths! See u there!

I jumped and grabbed an empty suitcase from under the bed. Rushing I grabbed everything and I mean everything. I used two other backpacks just to fit my shirts. I told my mom. She said I could go if I was back by March. Being January, she was letting me go for a long time only being 17. I jumped in my car and called Niall. "Hey I'm coming!" I said "Ok but hurry!" I hung up and drove. When I got there I saw Niall and Liam. Niall was hot. He was so hot I think I blushed looking at him. "Hey I'm Juliana!" He imidiatly hugged me. I kissed Niall and we walked to the plains boarding line.

I grabbed a seat next to Liam and this old lady. Niall sat on the other half of the plane.

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