The cheater

Niall and Juliana just found out Harry and Louiss secret while Liam is trying to hide his.


1. The kiss

It was 6 am when I got the text. TEXT FROM NIALL: Hey Juliana! I'm going to try out for the X factor! You want to come? I picked up the phone and imidiatly pushed YES! The next day I wore my purple crop top with my pure bow and studed jeans. I styled my hair in a half up half down then put the bow. I looked perfect. I got to the studio late and it was crowded but Niall was easy to see with his bright blonde hair. As I walked to him, my eyes melted when they met his. He was so handsome in everyway. I hugged him and we talked. "Are you nervous? " I asked " No because when your around I feel nothing but love. " I blushed and smiled. They finally called his name and he went up there. His voice made me tear. He was the one. I ran and hugged him as if I haven't seen him in years. He hugged me twice as strong as I did. I drove away in my black Lexus. That night I got a text. TEXT FROM NIALL: Hey Juliana! I have to tell you something. I'm in love with you!

The next day I drove to Niall's house in my black booty shorts and my white crop styled sweat shirt. I didn't care to much about the shoes so I slipped on some Doc Martins. I knocked on his door. "Juli-" I kissed him faster than he said Juliana. " I love you too! " I whispered to him

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