The cheater

Niall and Juliana just found out Harry and Louiss secret while Liam is trying to hide his.


13. Marry Me?

The next day Liam asked me the strangest question. "Hey do you want to come to Mexico with me?" "Sure?" I said confused. The next day we got in the plane. It was a 5 1/2 hours. There was a limo at the airport. It drove us to the beach. I was confused. We walked down far from the peir. A blonde man stood 5 feet away from us. He turned around. It was Niall! He was in a suit. He bent down and pulled a box out. He opened it. It was a ring! "Will you marry me?" I look at Liam who disappeared. "Yes!" I heard a clap. My family jumped out. His family was there too. I kissed him. My life was complete!

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