The cheater

Niall and Juliana just found out Harry and Louiss secret while Liam is trying to hide his.


11. Ignore

The next morning, Niall asked how that all happened. I told him everything. He slapped me and told me to leave. Liam heard that Niall kicked me out. I stayed with Liam. We talked. That afternoon we went to Denny's. "So how did all that happen?" He asked "i don't wanna talk about it." I said. That night Perrie texted me TEXT FROM PERRIE: Juliana so so sorry about last night. Zayn went to jail! I showed them the pictures that I took. So do you still wanna be friends? I heard about Niall. So ya bye.

I texted the word sorry to Niall sixteen times. He replied the word hoe eveytime.

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