The switch

Harry Styles, world famous singer and Jacob Skelton, shy country boy who happens to look exactly like Harry soon collide when Harry finds himself back in his home town, Holmes Chapel. In an argument of who's life is worse, they decide to switch lives for one month too prove to each other that they can handle eachothers lives easily. But will no one notice the switch and make it harder for the two that they will have to stay like this forever?


1. Just plain me (JACOBS POV)

"Ugghhhhh! Monday again! Didnt we have you like, last week?!" I groaned struggling to get out of bed. My life is pretty horrible but Mondays make it a lot worse because it means the start of another bad week. "Breakfast is ready, love!" Hollered my mum from down the stairs. "Im Coming!" I yelled making yet another attempt to get out of bed. I wish I could just lay here, in my comfy bed, and watch my miserable life pass by me.  I slithered out of bed and begun getting ready for yet another bad day. As I was brushing my curly brown hair, I looked in the mirror and saw me. Just plain me. Nothing special or unique about this face, this man, my life. 

After I was finished with my breakfast,  I headed out the door to where my carpool was waiting. "John" I whispered to myself. John is the worst manager ever. He is always bragging about some new mansion of his or how shiny is Camero is.  And, he always trys to work his managing degree from college into every conversation. 

As I got into his Shiny, vibrant green Camero,  I noticed that John looked glumer than usual.  "Good morning." I said plopping down into the comfy leather seats. "Mornin'" He mumbled. Great. It was going to be "those" kind of car rides. "So John, ummm... did you have a great weekend?" I asked awkwardly. If only I had my own car. I mean, I'm 18 give me a brake! "It was ok, I guess. I only got to go to my less expensive house in L.A. so you could say it was a good weekend. "Oh.... sounds fun." I said. "So, did Frank say anything about pay raises? Im trying to save up for a car and-" "Face it Jacob, nobody's getting a raise, I can tell." "Oh. Ok.." "But, if you had a degree like me, you would already have a car like me." "Ya." I said trying to get out of this conversation. 

Finally, after what seemed like the longest car ride of my life, we arrived at our work place. The bakery. "Thanks for the ride." I said getting out of the car. "No problem." Said John. I went into the bakery and put on my apron. After that I went into the kitchen and started baking. At 8:30 the bakery opened. As I was setting more pastries in the show case, I noticed some kids from my school came. The bullies. My bullies. As they approached,  one of them snickered,"Hey baker boy! Ready for some beating?" "Jason." I said in a low voice. Jason has been beating me up every week since last year. "It doesnt have to be this way Jason!" I stuttered. "Oh yes. It does." He said shoving me into the back room. 7 punches, 5 kicks, and 1 slap later, I was ready to call it a night and go home. While I was in bed I thought, why does it have to be me? I bet no one else feels the way I feel.

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