Potter's Sister (Marauders Era)

Hi! my name is Jasmine Olivia Potter! my brother is James Potter, I have one best friend her name is Lily Evans! AND ONE MORE THINGS WOLFS ARE THE SUPREME ANIMAL!

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8. Chapter 7

I sit in the common room laughing with my friends. 

It's been a month since we found out about the death of my father. I'm learning how to cope with it, but I still can't believe he's gone. 
"Jas?" I look up at Lily and smile.
"What's up?" she shakes her head.
"Do you think, that I would be insane for liking you brother?" my eyes grow wide and I start jumping. 

"Finally! I've been waiting for this moment!" 
She grabs my shoulders and gives me a stern look. "I'm just talking about being friends, Jasmine!" I pout. "But, anyway, ready to go to Hogsmeade?" 
I look around and find my leather jacket sitting on the sofa arm. "Just a second," I put on the jacket, "Now I am." Lily starts to run and pulls on my arm. "Well let's go then!" 

We run through the halls and just make it to the carriages in time. We quickly sit down in the nearest carriage, and I laugh as I notice who were next to. 
"Hey James!" I wave smirking, and he shakes his head and goes back to whispering to Padfoot. I narrow my eyes at them.
"You aren't planning a prank, are you?" They look at me with innocent eyes.
"What do you mean, Snowy?" I raise an eyebrow. 


"Come on Jasmine! Let's go to Honkeydukes!" Lily yells, and pulls me into the store. I take in the sweet smell of chocolate and candy. We look around for a few minutes before I shake my head, not really being in the candy mood, and tell Lily I'm going outside. 

Sirius runs up to me when I get outside.
"Snow! I just saw the coolest thing ever, you got to go check it out!" He grabs my arm and starts running, dragging me with him. Whilst we were running, Sirius looked at me, and he didn't notice the patch of ice we were approaching.
"Sirius! Look out for the ic-" It was too late, he had already slipped, taking me down with him. He fell flat on his back while I fell on stomach on top of him. 

Our eyes locked, and we both just stared at each other, before we began to lean in slowly. As soon as I realise what was happening, I stop, and quickly kiss his cheek. "Um, I have to go Sirius, bye." I hurriedly get up and walk briskly away. 

Why do I keep on almost kissing him? 

I was trying to think, but it was too loud. So, I decided to go to the Shrieking Shack. I was walking up the path, when someone pushed me from behind. I turned around and noticed some Slytherins: Bellatrix Black, Narcassic Black, Lucius Malfoy, Regulus Black, and Rubius Lestrange. 

"Oh look, how brave! Five against one? That shows how strong you are," I snarl at them, rolling my eyes. 
"How dare you speak like that to us like that you filthy blood traitor!" Malfoy says as he slaps me. 

I spit blood out, "Sorry, I'm just speaking the truth. I mean, isn't this the muggle term, jumping somebody?" 
I feel a hand on my shoulder and it forces me to my knees. 
"What are you going to do, Black?" I laugh at Bellatrix. She stands next to Regulus.
"Come on Reg, do it, she deserves it, her and all those filthy blood traitors." Regulus nods and raises his wand "Avada-" I elbow Malfoy where it hurts and rollout of the way just in time for the curse to miss me. I aim my own wand at Regulus, "Expelliarmus!" 

I run as soon as I say it; they wouldn't dare attack me in a crowd. The only problem was, I was basically at the house of the Shrieking Shack, and I had a long way to run. 
"Crucio!" I hear, and I fall to my knees as a sharp stab of pain overcomes me. I try to hold in my scream of pain. I felt like I was being stabbed by one hundred knives at the same time. 

The pain stops, and they walk up to me, as I looked up at them beneath my eyelashes, panting quietly. 
"Crucio!" This time, I couldn't hold in my scream this time. Bellatrix laughed at my pain, and she stopped the curse as I curled up in a ball beneath her.
"Awh, ickle little Potter can't take pain," she says as she sticks her bottom lip out mocking sympathy. "Crucio!" she says again, I start the screaming again, this it lasts for about five minutes. 

She stops and my eyes squeezed tight in relief, a silent tear rolling down my cheek. I could barely hear and see. 
"Tell anyone what happened, and your dead," Malfoy says and he stomps on my nose, breaking it. Blood gushes down my face.

My vision goes black as I hear them apparate away. 

Sirius POV

I walk into Zonko's and scan the shop for James. When I finally find him, I make my way over to him. As I near him, he looks up and sees I'm alone. He smirks.
"Mate, just give up, obviously she doesn't like you." I roll my eyes. "I bet it's your breath. I mean, it does smell like a dog's, Pads." I laugh.
"Well, I mean, I am a dog." 

He rolls his eyes and go up to the cashier.
"That will be four galleons, please." 
He nods, and pays. We walk out, and look around.
"It's almost time to go, want to get a butterbeer?" James nods. 
"I'm down - oh yeah, where are Wormtail and Moony?" I think for a moment.
"Moony had to get some books, and Wormtail tagged along so he wasn't alone." James nods his head. 

We get to the Three Broomsticks, and as we open the door, we hear a scream that made my spine shiver. 
"James, please tell me you didn't hear that."
James goes wide eyed "Sorry mate, but I did." 

We both start running towards the direction of the screaming, and end up at the Shrieking Shack just as it subsides. "James, I think it might be Jas-" 
James took off and start racing towards the Shack. 

When we get there, we see Jasmine curled up a few metres away, passed out with blood all over her face. 
"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god -" 
I look at James, and I put two hands on on his shoulders, to stop his pacing. 
"James, mate, calm down." He gives me a look.
"Calm down? You want me to calm down? Sirius I don't think you noticed, but my sister is passed out with blood all over her face!"

He picks Jasmine up bridal style and starts running off towards Hogwarts. We ran past people and they all gasped at the sight of us. James was getting blood on his shirt because Jasmine was bleeding, we didn't know where because there was so much blood, we couldn't find the source it was coming from. 

We finally get to the Hospital Wing and set her on a bed. "Poppy! Come out here! It's an emergency!" 
Poppy scurries out of her office, "Mr. Potter, how many times do I have to tell you? Do not call me Poppy!"

"There's no time for that! We need help!" 
She sighs, as she closes some curtains, "With what?" he takes a deep breath.
"It's my sister, she's passed out, and she has a lot of blood on her face and I'm really scared.."
She shakes her head. "Okay, let me take a lo- this is bad, get Professor Mcgonagal and Headmaster Dumbledore!" 

It wasn't that hard, Minnie was in Dumbledores office, so it only took one trip. "Boys, I need you to leave." 
I get up and wait for James.
"Padfoot, I'm gonna stay, I want to be there when she wakes up." I nod and walked out. 

James POV

Poppy cleaned off Jasmine's face.
"She has a broken nose, so it explains the blood, but she has the signs of a concussion too, so she must stay in here until she wakes." I nod.
"Do you know when she will wake up?"
Poppy gives me a kind smile, "I'm afraid I don't, it could be a couple days, to three weeks. It's impossible to tell." I nod again, and sit down. 

"Mr. Potter?" I turn around and look at Dumbledore, who was standing by the entrance to the Hospital Wing.
"Yes, sir?" He puts a hand on my shoulder, "I know your sister, she is a fighter, and I know she loves to get on your last nerve. So, she will wake up, because she needs to aggravate you, and wouldn't let you slip away from it." I nod and smile a bit "Thank you, sir." He nods and walks out, and Poppy goes back to her office. 

I grab Jasmines hand and stroke it, sighing. "You gotta wake up, Jas." 

3 weeks later

"Hey, Prongs, want to go out side and walk around?" I look at Sirius and shake my head. "Come on mate, you can't just sit around and wait for her to wake up!" I give Sirius a look.
"I need to be there for when she wakes up Padfoot! I need to be there to comfort her! To be there for her! Like she has always for me!" Sirius raised his eyebrow.
"But what happens if she doesn't wake up, James!? It's been three weeks for Merlin's sake! Just get some fresh air!" 

I sit down. "She will wake up, I know it." He shakes his head and walk out. About an hour later, Lily walks in.
"James, can you please take a walk with me?" I shake my head.
"No, sorry, I can't, I have to be here incase she wakes." she sighs.
"Just ten minutes, please?" I pause, and nod, reluctantly getting up. We walk around the grounds.
"So James, how are you holding up?" I stop and stare at the sky, sitting down on the grass.
"You want me to be honest, Lily?" She nods, siting down beside me.
"Not good, I'm so scared." 

"Why?" I tear up a little.
"I'm scared she won't wake up Lily, she's my sister, and I can tell that everyone is just giving up on her, knowing she isn't waking up, but I don't want to, and sooner or later I'm going to have to." 

I start to cry then, and Lily pulls me in to a hug. "She will wake up, I know she will." I hug her back and just cry.
"I'm so scared." she rubs my back lightly.
"We all are James." We sit there for about five minutes before Lily starts to get up.
"Alright, James, I have to go study. I'll see you at dinner?" I nod and walk back to the hospital wing. 


I look at the moon, tomorrow is a full one, and Jasmine won't be there. I sit next to her and hold her hand. 

"Jasmine, please, you have to wake up!" I start rubbing her hand while I was holding it. "It's been awhile since all of us heard your voice Jasmine, it's been really quite with you, we need you to keep Sirius in check, and make sure I don't do something stupid, and we can all tell Lily needs her partner in crime." I pause because I started tearing up, "Jasmine, you have to wake up, I don't care what the others are saying how you would of woken up by now if you were going to wake up. You are going to wake up, I know it. You wanna know how I know? Because we promised it would be the both of us against the world." I smile at the memory. "You remember? We were in our third year, you and Lily got in to a fight because you were defending me, and Sirius was off snogging some girl. You were sad that you lost one of your friends. we were just sitting there, and to cheer you up I said you didn't have to worry about friends, because I would always be there for you." I wipe a tear that fell down. 

"And then you asked me to cross my heart... and hope to die, and I did. You then you promised it would always be me and you against the world." I felt I was going to lose it soon. 

"So please, I need you to wake up, because you need to keep your promise, you need to wake up!" Tears start running freely down my face. "You're going to wake up, wanna know why?" I repeat my self, "because it will be me and you against the world, until the day we die." I break down and let go of her hand. "You need to come back Jasmine, I will be waiting with open arms for you." I kiss her forehead "Come home, Jasmine," I whisper, and go to the bed Poppy provided me, so I can stay with Jasmine. 

I fell asleep in a few seconds, my face still wet from the tears.

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