Potter's Sister (Marauders Era)

Hi! my name is Jasmine Olivia Potter! my brother is James Potter, I have one best friend her name is Lily Evans! AND ONE MORE THINGS WOLFS ARE THE SUPREME ANIMAL!

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6. Chapter 5

I hear giggling and groan,

"Guys, couldn't you shut up for about five minutes?" My voice came out hoarse since I just woke up.

"Oh sorry, Jasmine! I was just excited about the Hogsmeade trip this weekend!" Alice Prewett, another on of Lily and I's roommates.

I smirk. "You are never excited about these trips. What's so different now?"

Alice blushes as bright as Lily's hair. "Frank Finally asked me out!"

I jump out of bed and hug her, squealing. "Finally! I have been praying that Frank would just start falling head over heels for you!" She laughs, and joins in with my squeals.

After that little moment, me and Alice decided to get some breakfast, since we had classes today. At least it was Friday.

I ate breakfast quietly.

"Hey Snowy!" I look up and see James, I smile politely but I didn't speak. He furrowed his eyebrows and sat next to me.

"What's wrong, Snow?" I shook my head. "Please tell me Snow, I want to make sure you're okay." I sighed.

"It's nothing I promise, I'm just having an off feeling, like something bad is going to happen." I bit my lip, and shook my head, like I was shaking the ridiculous thought out of my mind.

He smiled. "I promise everything will be okay, and if something bad does happen, then we will all be able to get through this together." I smile and nod my head. I got up and wrapped my arms aeround him.

"Thank you Prongs, you really are the best brother in the world."

He laughs. "Of course I am!"

All the owls with letters from parents and The Daily Prophet fell on tables. From the owl that had landed in front of me, I grab a daily prophet and read the title.


"James! Listen to this! 'Yesterday, a muggle family was killed by He Who Must Not Be Named, we asked victims what happened, they explained everything, his symbol was hovering over the house. After a muggle had explained what happened, they were oblivated. The name of the family is unknown, the only fact is that they were all muggles, and had no magic folks' "

James eyes widen, "So Voldemort just killed a muggle family for no reason? They didn't even have a kid who went to this school?" I shook my head.

"Then why did he do it?" I look over at Alice and sighed.

"He did it because people with no powers are filth to him, and even if they don't know about are world, they still should be gone, he thinks getting rid of muggle borns and muggles, most half breed, and some blood traitors would make the world a better place, but that is bullshit and we all know it."

"L-lets just get to class." I nod my head and walk to DADA. I sit next to Sirius and smile.

"Where were you, Remus, and Peter at breakfast?" He laughed.

"Prongs forgot to wake us up so we had to get ready and skip breakfast" I laugh.

Professor McCauig walked in. "Hullo class! Today we are gonna practice dueling, so get your partner and, of course, duel!" she gave us a bright smile and walked to her desk,

"Oh Sirius, your in for it." I smirk.

"What do you mean? You suck at DADA!" I laugh.

"But I'm amazing at Charms." He groans.

We face each other and bow "You first Sirius!" He winks.


"Finite Incantatum!" he sighs, and I scream,

"Confundus!" Sirius eyes went blank, and looked around, puzzled. "Where am I?" I laugh.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

He become rigid and falls to the ground. The Confundus spell wore off already and he was glaring "How did you beat me?" I roll my eyes.

"I'm just better than you."

He scoffs "You are not!"

"Well, than you can get someone to get you out of that curse, or get yourself out since you better than everyone." I walked out and went to Potions.

I sat in my seat and realized I have to deal with Sirius in this class also. I groan and drop my head on to the table.

Everyone came in about three minutes after me. Sirius say down next to me and tapped my shoulder "What?" I snapped.

"I just wanted you to know I was just kidding when I said I was better than you." he smiled, and I raised an eyebrow.

"Are you serious?" he nods.

"Fine, its - whatever."

"Hullo Class! Today we are going to work on the Draught of The Living Death! Please turn to page 394 and the directions will be on the board! if you can't finish by the end of the class, then you must do it for homework." the Professor smiles and sits down

I take one quick glance at the instructions and I groan.

"What's wrong Snow?" I look over at Sirius.

"Just look at the instructions, Padfoot." The colour in his face was gone. I saw Severus about to start his potion in front of me.

"Severus," I whisper, and he turns his head, "Can you please help me?"

He nods. "Just follow my every move." I smile gratefully. I did what Severus told me to do, I followed his every move, and we were the first done. I wrote my name on the bottle and gave it to Professor Slughorn.

"Well done, Miss Potter." I smile triumphantly and walk back to my seat.

Class was finally over and we walked out of the dungeons. I saw Severus and ran up to him and hugged him. "Sev, you are a lifesaver! Thank you so much!"

He laughs, "You're welcome Jas, see you at lunch." I nod, and walk over to Lily, Alice, and our other roommate Marlene. "Hey guys!" I smiled.

"Why did you hug Severus?" Marlene smirked. "Are you two...?"

I start laughing loudly. "Merlin no! He just helped me with the potion! Gosh Marlene you are hilarious!"

She laughs with me. "I mean it looked like it, but I knew you wouldn't, just teasing"

I roll my eyes. "Lets just go to Divination."

Alice smirked. "Don't start crying today." I glared and hip bumped her.

"Go snog Frank," I snapped, and she blushed.

"Maybe I will!" she retorted, and stormed off. After about 6 seconds she came back.

"Guys!" I groan, they look at me amused. "I don't want to go to Divination."

They laugh.

"Too bad Jasmine, I'm not letting you skip any classes this year," Lily spoke.

"Your just jealous I'm prefect," I grinned, and she laughed.

"Are you going to do your job?" I smile and nod.

"Yeah, me and Remus have to patrol the halls tonight."

We got to Divination, we didn't really do anything, besides reading tea leaves. After that we went to lunch, and the rest of the classes just flew by, and before I knew it I had to patrol the halls with Remus.

"Hey Moony." He smiles.

"Hey Snow, you ready to patrol?" I nod my head and walk out to the halls with him.

"So, Remus I haven't talk to you in a bit."

He laughs "Yeah, sorry bout that, just tons of school work!"

I smile. "Right! They are pressuring us about NEWTS and they are a year away!"

"How are you with your new power?" I shrug.

"I haven't been using it."

His eyes bulge and he laughs. "Are you kidding! Seeing the past and future would be so cool!"

I look at him sadly and shake my head. "You don't understand," I whisper.

He looks at me with furrowed eyebrows.

"Knowing can be a very bad thing, knowing the things they went through when they were younger, or knowing what will happen to them, that's when it's horrible." I close my eyes to block the tears.

"Snow.... I'm sorry I didn't know," Remus said quietly.

I shook my head "Its not your fault Moony, you didn't know; you were just curious." I smiled.

In a second I was pulled in to a hug, and it was over as soon as it had happened. "Whatever you saw in Divination on the first day of school, it must of been horrible because even if you can't see it, it has been taking a big tole on you."

I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean Remus?" I sit on the floor.

"Well, after the incident, you talked less, and ate less. Lily even told me you barely get any sleep and you wake up really early anymore, and now you hug James a lot and talk a lot more, like after you saw whatever you did, you made it you duty to be more siblingly to James."

I sigh. "Yeah, you're right, but I just don't want to bother people about it, you know?"

He laughs and nods, "Be less obvious if you want that to happen, we all noticed." I laugh.

"Well, we should get back, it's probably really late." I nod my head and start heading for the Gryffindor Common Room.

We reached the Fat Lady in minutes "Password?"

"Wingardium Leviosa." She smiles and lets is in.

"Well, night, Moony." I smile and hug him. I run up the steps and try to get some sleep.

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