Potter's Sister (Marauders Era)

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5. Chapter 4

I start running around outside, in my wolf form. After we get Remus to calm down we normally let him outside, but he is being really rough, "We need to get him back in the Shrieking Shack"

In are animagus forms, we can communicate, it's pretty wicked. "Alright! your the bait!" James says I glare, what a caring brother I mean I'm so lucky to have such a nice brother.

I run towards the Whomping Willow, Remus following. He tackles me, really hard, I whimper as he is about to bite me "GUYS! HELP!"

Remus gets really close, finally Sirius comes and tackles him, Remus flares his arms, and scratches me. Yikes, well that hurts. We finally get inside the Shrieking Shack, and Remus doesn't like it at all, it's obvious he wants back outside.

He starts running towards anything, looking for the weak point, obviously being me, he lunges at me, I hit the wall, and bites my arm. I yelp in pain and start whimpering

I feel myself starting to loose consciousness, before I faint I hear James say "distract Remus I'm getting Jasmine out of here" And feel my self being dragged. Then my eye lids close and I faint.

I wake up with a huge headache, I open my eyes and see blur, I look for my glasses and put them on, oh, I'm in the hospital wing "what happened last night?" I groaned, I look around and see Sirius.

I get up and wince, I lift up my shirt and see about three scar marks. I poke it. OUCH.

That really hurt

When I sit up, it took a bit, but I did it! I poke Sirius, he wakes up and looks at me "hey Snowy, how you feeling?" I smile "like I got hit by a bus, what else is new?" I said, this is because I'm normally the one person to get hurt during full moons, and on an occasion, James! "what do you remember?" I ponder for a moment.

"Having to bring Remus back to the Shrieking Shack, then the rest is a blur kinda" he nods and goes in to full story mode, STORY TIME!

"Well, after we brought him back there, he kinda got pissed, and well tackled you against the wall, and well slashed your stomach and bite your arm" I poke my stomach again, and the noticed my arm was wrapped up, I didn't see that. He gives me an odd look and continues. "Then you started loosing consciousness, and James brought you here, he came back right after, but nothing really serious happened, it's like he just....... he just....." I interrupt "he just was acting like a normal wolf on full moons?" he nods. "Did anything else happen?" he shakes his head "except for Evans yelling at us for not being careful" I smirk and just stare at him, we were not talking, but it was very comfortable.

I see him leaning in. I feel myself doing the same. Wait what am I doing?! Sirius is my friend, I can't kiss him! we were so close I feel his breathe on me. We hear a door open and we jump apart, we see who it is, it was Lily "oh thank god your okay!" I smile "yeah! Nothing can kill Jasmine Potter!" then I speak again "Well except for guns, the Avada Kedrva spell, and a knive...... But besides that, IM INVINCIBLE!"

Lily rolls her eyes "anyway, James is sleeping, he said he will be here soon, but yeah" I nod I look at Sirius, he looks awkward. "You should go check up on James, Sirius" Lily suggested. He almost fell while jumping out of his seat, looking relieved to leave "yeah i might just do that, well, bye!" and he ran off. Well then, go and almost kiss a girl than run off, and act like nothing happened...... Awe he was nervous!

"So, what happened?" I look at Lily, very confused, "what do you mean Lily?" she snorts "it's obvious something happened, Sirius looked like he was about to wet himself when I walked in" I laugh "well we mighta sorta almost kissed?" She screeched and hugged me, around my shoulders, thank god, "yay! You guys would be the cutest couple!" I roll my eyes at Lily immaturity.....

I used a big word!


I run out of the room as fast as I can... That was really close! I almost kissed my best mates sister! he would of killed me. So I go do what I was suppose to do, check on James, he wasn't there so I assumed he went to The Great Hall to eat.

On my way there I bumped in to Lily "hey!" she said smiling, she smiled at me. what? "hey, I'm going to the Great Hall, want to come?" she nods and start walking with me "so why don't you like James?" I asked smiling at her, she laughed "he is so immature, he calls me Evans, and bully's Sev" I nod

"Well, he has matured over the summer, he could stop calling you Evans, and start calling you Lily, and the Severus thing, I just don't know" as I finished my sentence we walked in the Great Hall. I see James and Jasmine and walk over with Lily, I stop and see them playing with the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, acting like they were fighting, and they were using ketchup for blood, the noticed are present and looked up and smile sheepishly.

"Oh, hey guys" Jasmine said blushing, Lily looked at me "mature you say?" I laugh "it's not his fault he wants to make his sister happy" Jasmine laughed "he asked me Siri- oh" she catches on to what I was trying to do. "Nice try Sirius, so he has to try to still fix three out of three" and walks off. " Three out of three?" Jasmine obviously had this talk already and told him about the last name thing, Severus thing, and maturity thing. James' brilliant responses was "I can do two of them! the third one I'm not so sure about, but yeah!"

We went back to The Common Room, and met up with Remus and Peter. Jasmine and Remus read a book, while James and I just discussed pranks, and Peter, was being Peter. As we finished our plans for a prank against someone, we don't know who yet, Jasmine slammed her book shut.

She just stared at us, smiling like a maniac, "I have a brilliant idea" we looked at her to continue. She never did "so what is your oh so brilliant idea?" James asked, she laughed "I was thinking, what if we could get around Hogwarts without getting caught?" Remus laughed and then stated "we have the invisibility cloak" she rolled her eyes "don't be so thick headed! I mean like a map of sorts, like it shows us, where everyone is, what there doing, of every minute, and everyday!" We all look at each other and silently agree "we love the idea Jasmine" I say while smiling she blushes, and looks down.

"Wait!" Remus says, we all look up, "we need a name, a password to open it and a password to like not show it, so nobody can read it, and steal it, you know?" we all agree and ponder on a name "I'm way ahead I think it should be called The Marauders Map" James looks at her to explain "the meaning of Marauder is to roam or go around in quest of plunder, we like to roam around, for a quest, but more of like its a prank quest, and a synonym is outlaw, and we are the outlaws of Hogwarts!"

"Brilliant!" Remus says and ruffles her hair, she slaps her hand away and fixes her hair. "now all we need is a password to basically read it, and a password to make sure no one else is reading it" James speaks up " to read it, it could be like 'i solemnly swear I am up to no good' and tap it with our wand?"

We all agree on that, "well the password to make sure people don't read the map could be 'mischief managed' since we are causing mischief with the map?" It falls silence since we were done "Now all we need to do is create the map, now I'm tired from barely sleeping the night before, so I'm going to sleep goodnight" Jasmine walks up the girls dorm and goes to sleep, we silently agree on the same thing.

Before I actually go to sleep, which I really can't, I just keep on thinking about the almost kiss, why did I lean in? Do I like her? James would kill me if I did. Though, I don't like her.... Right?


A/N: Hellooooo, as you can see this chapter is extra long! I really hope you just liked this one, and what do we have here romance going on between Jasmine and Sirius? I'm just saying even though I write this, I ship Jirius!

They would be cute, right? The holidays are coming up guys! Which is why I wanted to ask, What holiday do you celebrate in the Winter (like Christmas Kwansa etc)

~Lots of Lurve Lizzie and Amanda

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