Potter's Sister (Marauders Era)

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3. Chapter 2!!

  "Jasmine, wake up," Lily said, pushing me off the bed.

"Ugh, what?" I groaned, my voice slightly muffled from my face being squashed on the floor.

She sighed, "We need to go to breakfast." I grunted, and slowly dragged myself across to the bathroom, successfully walking into the door on the way there.

Why do classes have to start so early?

It should be illegal.

Once I was ready, we made my way down to the Great Hall and ran into James and Sirius as they were on their way out. "Hey Prongs, hey Paddy!"

"Be in the common room at like six tonight, okay?" Sirius said, and I nodded.

"What do you want to do after class?" Lily asked as we walked over to the Gryffindor table.

"I can't do anything, sorry." She nodded, and as we were finishing eating, Professor McGonagall came round, passing out the timetables. I groaned as I scanned my lessons.

NOTICE: This is how your classes will be every day!

9am - Defence Against the Dark Arts

10am - Potions

11am - Divination

12am - Ancient Runes

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Charms

3pm - Care of Magic Creatures

4pm - Transfiguration

5pm - Muggle Studies

6pm - Dinner


Reminder: If you are found out of your Common Room after curfew, you will be put in detention.

"Well, Jas, they're better than last year," Lily laughed, peering over my shoulder at my timetable, and got up from the table.

Well, she's got a point.

Last year's was awful.

We had to take History of Magic then.


We head off to Defence Against the Dark Arts, probably my worst subject. Aw hell!

When we entered the classroom, I saw Remus, James, Sirius, Peter, and Severus already sat down, with various other people.

"Hello, Jasmine," said Severus politely, as I walked past.

"Hey Sev!"

Sirius walked up and dragged me over to his desk. "Guess what?" I looked at him expectantly, raising an eyebrow. "I'm your partner."

I guessed I didn't really have a choice in that.

I sighed, "Well, at least you're good at this subject." He laughed, and we sat down.

In the middle of class, I got bored.

As usual.

"Psst, Remus!" I whispered to Wolfboy, who was sitting next to James on the seats in front. He turned around and smiled. "Ready for the full moon tonight?" I grinned, and he glared, turning back round to his work angrily.

Oh yeah, it's his time of the month.

I almost forgot about his PMS.

The bell rang, and I skipped out of class, glad it was finally over.

"Prongs, what class do we have next?" I asked my brother.

"Ummm... Potions, I think." I nodded, and smiled. Now this was a subject I was good at!

"We shall be partners, James!" I announced, and he sighed. As soon as we entered the classroom, I saw Professor Slughorn at his desk.

"Good morning, Professor!" I chirped, and he beamed at me.

"Hullo, Jasmine!" He walked out from behind his desk as we all sat down.

"Teacher's pet," Sirius muttered as he brushed past me to his seat with Remus behind me, and my jaw dropped.

"Am not!" I hissed back, twisting round in my seat to glare at him.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Now, don't get too comfortable!" Slughorn boomed, breaking up our little argument. I glared at Sirius one final time, before facing the front. "Since your NEWTs are next year, I expect you to pay attention fully this year! So, I will assign you a partner that I think you will work well with!"

Oh shit.


Slughorn picked up a piece of parchment from his desk, and began to read. "Mr Potter is with Miss Evans -" I smirked, nudging James with my elbow, "- Mr Lupin with Mr Pettigrew..." Slughorn read out a few other names that I did not care about that much, so I zoned out a bit until I hear my own name, "- and Miss Potter is with Mr Black."

I let my head slam on the table.


Just great.

I get put with the most arrogant sod in the room.

Two lessons in a row.

"Hey, partner," Sirius grinned as he sauntered up to me, and I glared at him.

"Shut up, you tool." I heard James and Lily laughing at me from the table to my right, and I turned to glare at them too.

"So," said Slughorn, "turn to page ten, and the ingredients will be on the board!"

I tried to concentrate on the potion, but Sirius was so incredibly annoying, it took everything I had not to punch him in the face. I glanced over wearily to Lily, and saw by her facial expression that she was thinking the exact same thing about James.


"You did that wrong," Sirius said in my ear, and I frowned at him.

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"Just shut up and go away, or I probably will end up doing it wrong."


"Oh, you little shit."

Slughorn glanced over and rolled his eyes, ignoring Sirius's sudden outburst.

"See," Sirius smirked. I frowned.

"What now?"

"I was right. You are a teachers pet. If it was you who had said that about me, he would have put me in detention straight away."

"It's probably because you're a dick, Sirius, and everyone knows it."

Finally, the class came to an end, and Lily and I slouched off to Divination with Miss Finkle; she's an actual seer, which is really cool!

Lily and I walked in the room and sat down at one of the tables.

"Okay, class! Firstly, I would like to say welcome back to Divination! Now, today we are going to be working on palmistry. If any of you can see your parent's past or future, you are one hundred percent a seer!"

Lily nudged me, wiggling her eyebrows, and I rolled my eyes.

She seemed to think I was a seer, because my guesses are always accurate.

I'm pretty sure it's just luck.

"Now, please, practice with your partners!" Miss Finkle smiled. I grabbed Lily's hand, like the rest of the class were doing with their own partners, and I immediately felt like I was getting sucked into a tube, and everything was pitch black.


This is weird.

After a few moments, I could see again, but I was not in the classroom anymore.

I was stood in a church, against the stone wall on the far side.

I was looking at a wedding, and the bride was gliding down the aisle, tightly clutching her father's arm, her fiery hair weirdly familiar.

Omg wait, is that -

Yeah, it's Lily, a few years older than she was now.

Wow, she looked so beautiful and happy. Whoever she was getting married, by the look on her face, she loved them with all her heart.

I saw who was walking behind her, and squealed internally.

Yes, maid of honour bitches! Bow down to me.

Wow, in a few years I get hot.

I also look hot with blue hair, I'll try that tomorrow.

I looked over at the alter to see who the groom was, and it was a tall man, with messy hair and glasses.


I mentally high fived myself.

Aw I was so right! I just knew they would get together!

Even though he's annoying as hell, but anyway.

Everything turned black again, and then another scene appeared in front of me.

Now I was in a hospital, and I saw Lily in a bed and James at her side, a few years older than they were at the wedding. Lily was in happy tears, and James wearing a look of pride. As I got closer, I saw that the bundle Lily was holding was a small baby, looking shockingly similar to how James and I had looked at that stage. Except for the eyes, they were Lily's eyes.


I heard James say in a hushed, gentle voice, so as not to wake the baby, "I think Jasmine and Sirius should be Harry's godparents. They would protect him like he was their own son, if something happens to us." Lily nodded, still sniffling.

"Of course, I wouldn't have thought of anyone else."

Everything goes dark again.


I thought the next scene I would see would be something like Lily and James with their baby (Harry I'm guessing) or something, but I was wrong.

Sooooo damn wrong.

I was in a nursery, and Lily was sobbing, pleading with a guy wearing a long dark cloak, the hood pulled up over his face. Harry was in the cot behind her.

"Please, please not Harry, he is just a baby!"

I hear a faint, raspy voice hiss, "Step aside, silly girl!"

Lily began to protest, tears still streaming down her face. I felt my own eyes begin to blur.

What was happening?

"Please, take me instead, just don't kill Harry, please, have mercy!"

They cloaked figure took out his wand and shouted, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Lily screamed, and fell to the ground, motionless. Harry started to cry, and I stood there, frozen, questions running through my head.

Where is James?

Is he out?

Did the creepy dude already kill him?

Where is the creepy dude?

Where am I?

Oh my god!

I finally snapped back to reality, and I let go of Lily's hand, shaking and breathing heavily, my hands now clammy with sweat.

Did I just witness my friend's death in the future?

Oh my god, I think I just did!

I burst into tears.

How could this of happened?

This makes no sense!

"Class dismissed," Professor Finkle says lightly.

What the hell is going on??


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