Potter's Sister (Marauders Era)

Hi! my name is Jasmine Olivia Potter! my brother is James Potter, I have one best friend her name is Lily Evans! AND ONE MORE THINGS WOLFS ARE THE SUPREME ANIMAL!

Oh and I like the color blue :) have a good day you muggle! By the way, what is the function of a rubber duck?

See what I did there? No? Oh..... okay well hi! You know what? Your a Llama... Yes, a llama! Have a good day!

Also, if you see a story like this on Wattpad, its mine, i started it on Wattpad but thought to put it on here, you can even ask me on Wattpad xx.

If anyone can make trailers for stories, can you please message me? I want to make one, but sadly I don't know how.


9. Authors Note

As you guys can see, I haven't updated in months. I'm really sorry about that, and I know excuse won't help, but I will tell you what happened! 

   As you all know; I hope. I started this story on wattpad, but what I do is, I write the whole chapter, and then my co owner writes her bit and makes some small grammar edits here and there. After we update it on Wattpad, I copy it and paste it to Movella and update it there. 

   So, I copied the chapter 6, but then my mom needed me, being the idiot i am, I left my Movella open, and my brother changed my password, so he didn't tell me it, so I didn't go on, for awhile. But then a couple days ago, I decided to try my old password, and it turns out he don't even change it. 

 But I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, and I promise it won't happen again! My co owner and I are currently writing Chapter 8, and it will be updated soon! 

  Hoping you are all doing well, 
     Lizzie and Amanda 

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