Just Tell Another Lie

Why even bother with life if I'm going to die anyways?


1. The Joy Of Being Invisible

I'm glad that most people don't realize I exist.It's like I'm a ghost.They'll never really know who or what hit them.

"Raven."I heard one of my dearest friends call me out from behind.I pictured her standing behind me with her arms crossed in front of her chest.Furious at me for what I had just done.I took credit for a project she did,but I honestly didn't think she'd take it that bad.

I turned around with a grin.I had it right.She was there just like I pictured her.

"Wipe that stupid grin off your face,Raven."She huffed."You owe me so much."

"Don't get butt hurt."I laughed."Alice,I was only trying to help."I shrugged

"By taking full credit?!"She yelled causing people to glance at us from their lockers.

"You need to calm down."I sighed gesturing her to the exit.

"You need to fucking kill yourself."She yelled much louder this time.Now you would think that what Alice had said would have shocked me and caused me to tear up.But the thing was,I didn't care.I was unable to show any type of feelings.I hated it.I guess that the only feeling I was able to feel was hatred.

"I've already tried."I smiled grabbing her arm forcefully and leading her away from the crowd of people surrounding us expecting some type of fight.I opened the door and pushed her out.

"Raven,you fucking need to stop acting to way you do."She pulled away from my grasp."Some type of careless lesbian!"

"Tell me Alice,is there something wrong with lesbians?What if I am?"I cuttingly asked catching her cheeks to turn red.

"Shut up."She mumbled."I'm tired of you being so selfish.I am your best friend!"She pushed me causing me to stumble back slightly and sit down on a bench outside of school.The tree above us making rustling noises and hiding the birds on its branches with green leaves.Something about silence and just letting your brain stop felt terrifying to me.I felt the need to do something worth my time.

"What makes you so sure that you're my only friend?Best friend?"I grinned slightly.

She sat down next to me and held my hand."Well I am the only one to notice you.The only one who listens."

"Well you caused some people to notice me inside a few moments ago."I snatched my hand away;slipping it into my back pocket.

"Isn't that good?"She asked with a hint of amusement in her voice.

"I'm the most underestimated person in school,and I would love to keep it that way."I struggled in digging out a lighter from my pocket in my seated position."Anyways,need a ride?"I stood up finally being able to take it out.She slightly nodded before the last bell of the day rang.

Alice watched the group of teenagers pour out from the building.

"Was that project hard?"I asked peering into a box of cigarettes that was taken out from my other back pocket.I found it empty.I felt a bit angry at my discovery as I threw the box at the tree.

"Yes!"She quickly turned and shoved me.

"Oops."I laughed.

We started walking towards the school parking lot.Alice stopped as we neared my car.She stood still looking straight forward."Raven."She nudged me slightly.I looked up from the ground and followed the direction her eyes led to."He's staring at us."

"No,Alice.He's staring at me."I felt a big lump in my throat as I stared at his fiery gaze.


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