Just Tell Another Lie

Why even bother with life if I'm going to die anyways?


3. It Was Our Secret

"Are you just going to let him hurt?"Alice opened the car door slowly while staring at me.

His eyes.Those dark eyes.Filled with so much hurt and hatred...but also love.

"Raven,I think you should go talk to him."She suggested quietly.

"We've talked a lot already.There's nothing left to say."I rolled my eyes.

"Raven."She gasped.

I felt someone tap my shoulder.I turned to find his eyes.Now they were filled with hurt.

"Hey."He breathed in deeply.

"Like I was saying,"I turned to Alice."I don't think there's anything left to say."

"Alice,would you excuse us for a minute?"He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me towards his car.

"That wasn't very nice."I pulled my arm from him.

"What would you know about being nice?"He mumbled under his breath.

"Good one."I smiled."Jacob,it's been a while since-

"You used me."He quickly covered his mouth.

"Yeah..."I watched his eyes fill with tears."I can't believe I went out with you."You're such a clingy ass.Go ahead,just call me a bitch."

"I'm not like that."He laughed."Although I don't deny it."

"Is there anything you need?"I shrugged;glancing at Alice.She sat in the passenger's seat intently watching us.

"Isn't it obvious?"His eyebrows raised."You."

I turned to him."You were the 27th to fall for my trap.I appreciate the time you wasted for me,but it's over.I don't want what we had back."I turned to walk away.

"What are you afraid of?"His voice cracked.

I swallowed the lump in my throat."Being alone."I smiled."Ironic."


"Oh my God."Jacob laughed.

"I'm serious,you turd."I mumbled.

"How hard did you fall?"He stared at my left arm.

"Pretty hard."I watched him write his name on the cast in big letters.

"How did it even happen?Slipped on the soap?"He suppressed his laughter.

"The bathroom floor was wet.When I got out,I slipped.I tried to hold myself up by grabbing the shower curtain."

He broke into laughter again."Anyways,I missed you yesterday."He kissed my forehead."I did everything as if you were here...except without you."

"You sat by yourself?"I smiled.

"Yeah."His cheeks turned red."I was waiting for you.You broke my heart."He pretended to cry.

That last sentence made my smile fade away. I've heard that so many times,but coming from Jacob,it actually hurt.I don't know why it did.

I stared at Alice as she drooled over Henry Francis.He sat at the table behind us;sitting with his gang.They weren't the jocks nor the bad boys.They were the band type.Henry played bass according to Alice.He fixed his quiff when he caught Alice's stare.Her cheeks turned pink,and she quickly turned away.She nervously poked at her food.She stuffed everything in her mouth.

"Is it really that good?"I laughed at her.She looked up at me with cheeks filled with salad."Finally eating?"

"God."She rolled her eyes as she mumbled.Alice struggled to swallow down the food."Medication really does work..sometimes.The doctor said to take two pills each morning,and I'll be 'fine'.To be honest,I can only eat healthy food.They're easier to throw up-

"Anyways..."Jacob cringed."Were you just starring at Henry?"He cocked an eyebrow."I can call him if you want-

"No,no,no!"Alice gushed.

"I think you should."I suggested quietly.

"Anything my princess wants."Jacob shrugged."Henry!Hey!"He gestured Henry to sit down next to him.

"Raven,I think I'm going to throw up."Alice held my hand tightly."I'll pretend I'm lesbian."

"You need to calm down.If he likes you,then good,but if he doesn't,so what?"I rubbed her back.

"I care so much about this.You say it easily because you've done it many-

Henry sat next to Jacob.His eyes locked on Alice."Can I help you?"

"Yes.You see-

"Bye."Alice abruptly spoke.She grabbed her bag and ran away.

"She likes me."Henry chuckled.

"Yep."I handed one of her books to him.

"I'm going after her."He looked down at it."Jacob,we're playing tonight at the bar downtown."You better come."He smiled at both of us before jogging towards the exit.

"It's just you and me."Jacob rested his head on my shoulder."Will you come to watch?"

"Where?"I shrugged slightly;causing him to move away.I didn't always like people touching me.

"The bar..."He raised the spoonful of pudding to my mouth.

"For?"I let him feed me.

"Raven,didn't you hear what Henry said?"Jacob rubbed his thumb across my bottom lip.

"He-oh.Right.Yes,I will."For some reason I had a hard time paying attention.


"I told you I loved you,and you walked away."He spun me around."I don't know what fucking type of person you are,but I'm not letting you go that easily."He spat.

"Alright.Have me right now,arrogant asshole.I'll give you another chance."I smacked his hands away."I'd love to see you try and fail."

"I won't fail.In fact,forget I even loved you.We're starting off new."He extended his arm.

"Deal."I shook his hand.Not having any feelings felt good for once.

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